More Sticky Notes From the Desk of Stephen Coldbear




Sven, Dispatches from the Asylum’s investigative reporter, part-time dishwasher and sometimes bon vivant, has done it again.


While tripping on magic mushrooms, he floated into the office of our favorite late-night, larger-than-life, more arrogant than most, talk show guy, Stephen Coldbear and latched onto another cache of sticky notes.  Let’s take a look:

* Check with #3 ‘body-double’ to make sure they can ‘watch the kids’ over the weekend.

* Have bidet installed under desk on set.

* Next time Schwarzenegger is on, try to not make ‘bedroom eyes’ at him.

* Lunch with Jill Stein. Outback Steakhouse. Tomorrow, 12:30 p.m.

* Make sure to send monthly, ‘Swiss Colony Farms’ basket to John Stewart.


* Meet with Fallon – try hypnosis to get him to stop with skits that are funnier than mine.

* Send ‘ThankYou’ card to Arsenio for ‘going away’ for twenty years. Let’s keep it that       way!

* Return fat and gristle of recently purchased, sub-par, Filet-Mignon to Whole Foods, to protest ignorance of global warming.


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