One Big Shot

Riding a massive wave of false hope, God received the following news and thought that maybe, just maybe, humankind have learned their lesson from the past 3 years that it’s not a good thing to entrust one’s health to homo sapien assholes, and thusly ignore the following magical idiocy:

Vaccine for Cancer, Other Untreatable Conditions Possible by 2030 – Sky News April 8, 2023 – via

COVID mRNA Jab maker is working on vaccines they say can be personalized to target tumors, as well as heart disease, flu and other respiratory diseases.

Not only that, the vaccine targeting all of them could be given in a single shot — all delivered by Moderna’s mRNA gene therapy.

As reported by Sky News, “Moderna’s chief medical officer, Dr. Paul Burton, said the treatment will be ‘highly effective’ with the potential to save ‘many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives’ as soon as 2030.”

He added that the pandemic “has allowed Moderna to ‘scale up manufacturing,’ meaning the company is now ‘extremely good at making large amounts of vaccine very quickly.’”

Sadly, Yahweh didn’t take into account that most of His creation has developed a wishbone instead of a backbone during the past 3 years of scamdemic nonsense and instead of doing this to the harmaceutical shysters…

mel brooks tumblr_0d92bd2c2393bcff5274282a2edb4427_8a9e39a6_540

…chose instead to do this, wishing and hoping the dreaded cornholio might pass over their household:

Isn’t it groovy that the ‘pandemic’ allowed Moderna to ‘scale up manufacturing’ and produce obscene amounts of chemical pus and goo and sell it to the thumbsuckers as the only way to ward off…a virus?  The harmaceutical demons think so.

who loves ya baby

And yet…

The world was thrown into chaos when a new virus, Covid-19, was declared a pandemic by the government. Fear propaganda was broadcasted non-stop on television and radio, all paid for by the government and they used the pandemic as an excuse to pass laws that restricted civil liberties and bribed the public with furlough payments to not go to work.

As the pandemic progressed, the government’s true motives were revealed, as they were found to be putting vulnerable individuals into end-of-life care and administering a drug called midazolam to kill them, while lying to the public by claiming that their deaths were due to the virus.

The consequences of vaccination were also revealed as it was not actually a vaccine, but an experimental gene therapy that had never been used on humans before; and not without good reason.

Tragically, as things began to settle, the true consequences of the Covid-19 injection roll-out were realised.

The fully vaccinated accounted for over 9 in every 10 deaths associated with the virus, and mortality rates per 100,000 were lowest among the unvaccinated and highest among the vaccinated in every age group.

Two years after the initial roll-out, 20 million deaths had been recorded in the “Five Eyes” countries and 26 other countries in Europe, resulting in 2 million excess deaths. This was a huge increase on deaths recorded throughout the pandemic prior to the vaccine roll-out.

In Europe, there was a huge increase in excess deaths among children aged 0 to 14, as soon as the vaccine was approved for children by the EMA. The very “vaccine” that was supposed to protect them had the opposite effect, and many parents were left devastated after falling for the coercive lies which resulted in the loss of their children’s lives.

Meanwhile, by week 40 of 2022 in the USA, half a million deaths among children and young adults were recorded following the Covid-19 injection roll-out, resulting in 120,000 excess deaths. This highlights the severe impact that the vaccine had on the young and healthy and the devastating loss of life caused by the vaccine. – via

If millions upon millions read the above, how many would turn away from their past miscalculations, brainwashing and misjudgments?

Not many…just consider past brainwashing and propaganda achievements.


Tonight’s musical offering:

musical notes

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