Joey Wants Ice Cream

America’s mob boss was given a hall pass by the assisted living facility at the White House today, and wandered in on a gathering in the activity room, was handed a microphone and did an impromptu stand-up routine to the delighted and equally deranged in attendance:

WASHINGTON — Not the time, Joe.

President Biden joked Monday that he only showed up to a White House event because he heard there would be ice cream — before addressing the horrific mass shooting that left six dead at a Nashville elementary school hours earlier. –

Ah….isn’t this assclown just too funny?  Listening to the laughs from the mindless, evidently so.

Even the cats know to take cover when this psychofuck takes the stage:

Can there be more brilliance from clown Joey?  Glad you asked:

And since it’s Monday and we’re on a roll with the prank from the gods that is the modern era….how about this?

Has the Stage Been Set for Corporations and Big Pharma to Patent Humans?

An analysis of court cases and medical studies that paint a picture of an emerging world where corporations like Pfizer and Moderna might be able to claim ownership over the injected – via – video embedded in this link

Jesus, Mary and holy St. Jospeh…the future looks…um, shittier than the present!  Cool!

blinkin eyes

“The most dangerous condition for a man or a nation is when his intellectual side is more developed than his spiritual. Is that not exactly the condition of the world today?”  – Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle


Tonight’s musical offering:

photo credit (biden):  DonkeyHotey, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. interesting that they want to claim ‘ownership ‘ over the people they injected. they didn’t ask those people if they would be willing to submit their body to those corporations for ownership. long past time to say NO! i don’t give a rats behind what they claim is ‘law’ they didn’t ask me or anyone if we would willingly submit to any all decrees they make …my answer is OH HELL NO! they only own you if you agree to it!

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    1. You always provide me with at least a chuckle with your comments, and they’re always spot on… you’re right, there just aren’t words. Cheers!


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