Release The Hounds!


Lollipops and candy canes are falling from the skies! 

The broken record of calamities has just bent over and farted out some juicy reassurances that will allow you, for now, to live as you might like:

Bill Gates: Expecting people to stop eating meat or consumers to cut back won’t be enough to fix climate change – via


Oh, and of course, how can we forget… Climate change…

But the bloated, gaseous blimp didn’t stop there:

Bill Gates Declares Artificial Intelligence ‘No Threat’ – via

Asked by a Financial Times journalist whether he was worried about AI, Gates said it was “fine, there’s no threat.”

Well there you go.  And you can take this dipshit’s word to the bank.  

Maybe a brief reminder of what this hellcat is all about is in order:


Jesus, Mary and holy St. Joseph – this shit gets old

broken record

Time to introvert:

Gave me a giggle over a morning cup of tea.


Tonight’s musical offering:

In writing the ‘Brandenburg’ concertos, Bach joined in with an Italian rage – the concerto – while always giving his own twist to them. Right from the start, ‘Brandenburg’ Concerto no. 1, and particularly the minuet from it, is a good example of this. In this recording for All of Bach, you hear only the minuet. And what a minuet it is! – Netherlands Bach Society

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