What a Groovy Future


If you’re a thinking gentleman, like Mr. Brosnan appears to be…then perhaps. But since few have the thinking capacity that would allow a sliver of honest self-awareness to enter their braincase at any given moment, due in part, to the colossal amount of sludge already in their cranium’s, any thoughts beyond how super groovy they are and other items of sheer nonsense are never given a chance to germinate in the muddle between their ears.

That doesn’t bode for the younger generations.  Heads bent at that seductive and alluring 45-degree angle, perpetually, and if they pull their heads up long enough to resemble anything other than a duck, some fine shitfuckery is at hand:

Despite a recent softening in the US housing market, a combination of rising borrowing costs and still-high prices have put prospective first-time homebuyers in a serious bind.

For the first time since records began, first-time homebuyers made up the smallest share of sales last year at 26%. And as we noted on Thursday, a surge in mortgage rates above 7% have sent homebuyer applications to a 28-year-low across all age groups.

Now, as the spring homebuying season approaches, tight inventory and uncomfortably high interest rates mean that the American dream can only be achieved by those with high-paying jobs, lots of money, or rich parents, Bloomberg reports. – via zerohedge.com

But the ‘joys’ of home ownership aren’t for everyone, so renting can be the key to attaining a sub-mediocre slice of the American dream.  Of course, rents nation-wide were at an all-time high back in August, 2022, are expected to continue to rise and then moderate in 2023.


Well, if that doesn’t work, one can always live in their car…right?  At least it’s a roof over your head in the richest country in the world that can send billions to other countries for wars and lots of other shitfuckery but can’t seem to take care of its own.

Ford Files For Patent That Can “Remotely Shut Down” Parts Of Your Car When Your Bill Isn’t Paid – via zerohedge.com

Remember when getting in your car and flying down the highway with the top down used to be the perfect escape from the mire and muck of everyday life, like bills and e-mail? Now, thanks to the implementation of technology in the auto industry, that once-freeing joyride is literally becoming bills and e-mail.

That’s because a new patent from Ford now allows the manufacturer to “remotely shut down your radio or air conditioning, lock you out of your vehicle, or prompt it to ceaselessly beep if you miss car payments”, according to a new report from Bloomberg. While the official company line is that Ford has “no plans” to use the technology, we’re certain that’ll be proven to be incorrect over time.  (full article)

Welcome to…


And how much did that bit of road service cost?


Tonight’s musical offering:

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