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Are Covid-19 ‘Vaccines’ a Military Biodefense Response Gone Terribly Wrong?

Freddie Ponton
21st Century Wire

In analyzing the timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic response and the subsequent vaccine roll-out, the structure they have put in place is nothing short of amazing. Governments have erected an incredible shield – protected behind a legal framework which they have carefully crafted over the years, creating revolving doors and loopholes for themselves to side-step all public health regulatory measures by declaring a “Public Health Emergency” and the subsequent Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) it triggers. In hindsight, we now know that COVID-19 wasn’t a public health emergency, so why did governments go through so much trouble to protect themselves from liability, and gamble with the health and well-being of entire populations? This has never happened before in human history. Is their more to this than meet the eyes?

A lengthy article but well worth the read 

If you’d prefer to hear an interview with the author, Freddie Ponton, regarding information in the article, you can tune into The Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio.  Link here.  Interview starts at the 14:10 mark.


Photo by Britt Fowler on Unsplash

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  1. it isn’t a military biodefense gone wrong. it was a military operation gone RIGHT! the military was used against their populations in every country of the world. it was perfect killing machine which is what military do. They turn living beings into corpses because killing is the best way to make people do what you want them to do. die!

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