Mounting Evidence Suggests Bill Gates May Have Shit for Brains

Most homo sapiens have all kinds of troublesome body peculiarities. Gaseous stomachs, slabs o’ feet that resemble swamp creatures’ underbellies; ill-fitting arms, legs, noses and so much more that just don’t belong on the body God giveth. But none have the distinction that their entire cranium may be filled with shit.

Oh dear!  Evidently this fraud forgets that there’s this thing called the world wide waste where one can easily dial up what the creature said last week, last month…or even a couple of years ago.

Bill Gates: ‘Almost all’ coronavirus vaccines will work by February – via

Nov. 23, 2020 4:25 p.m. PT

“Almost all the vaccines will work and with very high efficacy levels,” Gates told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview on Sunday. “I’m optimistic that by February it’s very likely that they’ll all prove very efficacious and safe.”

“Almost all’…’very likely’…good work Billy.

What are this guys credentials again?


Oh yeah.

And then there is this little gem from this qualified clown:

During the “Get Well Soon: Finding a Way Out of the Pandemic” session of the 58th Munich Security Conference, Bill Gates set the scene: “Well the, uh, you know, sadly the virus itself … uh, is a type of vaccine … And it’s done a better job … than we have with vaccines.”

“Sadly”?  Did Gates invoke the word “sadly” in response to US insurance companies reporting a 40% increase in deaths occurring in working-age people between the ages of 18 and 64 since the start of Gates’ “vaccine” roll-out?

Did Gates invoke “sadly” when UK actuaries reported that in the “year of the vaccine” more people were dying in the less vulnerable age groups than during the “year of the pandemic.”?

Did Gates invoke “sadly” when towards the end of last year deaths among UK children, since they were offered his “vaccine,” were significantly higher than the five-year-average?  No.  Because the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (“BMGF”) is a primary funder of the UK’s Medicine & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”).

BMGF also owns major shares in Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna; has given substantial funds to Oxford University, the home of AstraZeneca; and, is in partnership with the Serum Institute of India, GAVI and COVAX – suggesting the “vaccination” of children, or anyone, against the “virus” has absolutely nothing to do with health, but everything to do with money, corruption, and power.

The ”virus” is a “type of vaccine”.  A few obvious questions arise.  Firstly, if the “virus” is a type of “vaccine,” then it follows the “vaccine” is a type of “virus” – why are they injecting people with the “virus” and expecting people to believe they will “get well soon”?  Secondly, why did governments spend billions on Gates’ “vaccine” to inoculate against the “virus” which – assuming it had been released into the population in the first instance – cost nothing to administer, except for the costs to develop the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, of course? And, looking to the future, why would anyone give Gates money do it again? – via

Not to worry, Billy!  The mainstream media will keep your cover…in this life.

And in news that’s sure to depress many a thinking individual:

“Near Miss”: Asteroid To Make One of ‘Closest Ever’ Approaches to Earth on Thursday – via

It’s now Friday…and we’re still here.  What a drag!

Have a great Friday!


The Planets –  Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity – Gustav Holst ~ Susanna Mälkki, Conductor, BBC Symphony Orchestra


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