Blood-boiling Bullshit – Living Among the Catatonics

Hey Mom!  Come quick, look!  The unwashed are allowing themselves to rot away in a world of sludge, shit, piss, snot and indifference, with hardly a whimper!

(warning: the following articles are NOT satire)

Great idea, sir: Woke school bans teachers from using sarcasm in the classroom – via


A school has been slammed by parents for being woke after it banned teachers from using sarcasm.

Skegness Academy in Lincolnshire stopped the use of irony to convey contempt as part of a ‘guide to support staff’.

The doctrine, known as the ‘Skegness Academy Way’, outlined that sarcasm cannot be used when talking to pupils.

The ban applied to all pupils, however parents said some of the ‘sarcastic teachers’ are their favourites.   (full article)

Hey parents!  Pull your kids out of these demon infested shit holes!  Oh geez…some of the sarcastic teachers are your favorites.  Yep…I’m sure your bold complaints are fully noted by these ant shit of human beings and then forgotten.  Way to tell ’em.   Awesome!

I don’t remember dying recently and ending up in one of the circles of Hell.  Apparently, I haven’t come to full realization of my eternity yet.

None of us signed up to live under complete psychofuckery – with dipshits, morons and assholes who set these agenda’s – but for God’s sake, where is the fucking mother ship to take us away from this insanity?

Who knows!  Evidently, the gods are too busy playing grab-ass with each other long enough to see that there is a time for other-worldly intervention, and that time is now.

Ah…probably a bit overreactive here, eh?

Ummm, maybe not…

Tomorrow she will be taken away:  German court sentences Holocaust survivor (85) to forced vaccination – via

Originally published on 10th Jan 2023 by Willi Huber,

The facts of the case seem unbelievable, because Germany has probably really learned nothing at all from history. Confidants of a Ukrainian-born composer, famous in her homeland, turned to Report24. A court in Stuttgart has decided on a year of forced confinement in a closed psychiatric ward for the woman. The older lady is to be “vaccinated against Covid-19” twice – also with the use of force. An exclusive video shows: She is neither insane nor a danger to herself or others. She is simply afraid for her life.

Her name is Inna Zhvanetskaya. She was born on January 20, 1937 in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. As a Jew, she is one of the survivors of the Holocaust. Until she was eight years old, she and her family lived with the threat that they would be picked up, deported and possibly murdered. She was planning on celebrating her 86th birthday in 10 days in her adopted country, Germany. A country she loves even more than her homeland, as she stated in an interview. She was considered a musical celebrity beyond the borders of her later homeland, Russia. The Cambridge Biographical Centre (UK) honored her as Woman of the Year in 1992.

But in Germany, the very country she held so dear, a court order was issued for the forced opening of her apartment and her removal by force. She is to be brought before a doctor by who will forcefully “vaccinate her twice against Covid-19”. After that, they want to send her to a closed psychiatric institution: without people who speak her mother tongue Russian and without her music, which enables her to think clearly.

What does that do to a woman who survived the Second World War? We asked the Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt District Court this question and have not received a satisfactory answer to it; those responsible seem not to care about her well-being. The ordered measures are justified with the paragraphs 1906 and 1906a BGB. The problem with this is that there is no medical or legal justification for compulsory vaccination in light of the fact that the pandemic has officially ended. Everything smells of arbitrariness and bending of the law.

(read more)

And in other good news:

Exclusive: WHO Proposals Could Strip Nations of Their Sovereignty, Create Worldwide Totalitarian State, Expert Warns – via – by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

In an interview with The Defender, Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., bioweapons expert and professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest proposals may violate international law. Boyle called for U.S. federal and state governments to exit the WHO immediately.

Secretive negotiations took place this week in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHR), considered a binding instrument of international law.

Similar negotiations took place last month for drafting a new WHO pandemic treaty.

While the two are often conflated, the proposed IHR amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty represent two separate but related sets of proposals that would fundamentally alter the WHO’s ability to respond to “public health emergencies” throughout the world — and, critics warn, significantly strip nations of their sovereignty.

According to author and researcher James Roguski, these two proposals would transform the WHO from an advisory organization to a global governing body whose policies would be legally binding.

They also would greatly expand the scope and reach of the IHR, institute a system of global health certificates and “passports” and allow the WHO to mandate medical examinations, quarantine and treatment.

Roguski said the proposed documents would give the WHO power over the means of production during a declared pandemic, call for the development of IHR infrastructure at “points of entry” (such as national borders), redirect billions of dollars to the “Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex” and remove mention of “respect for dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.”

Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., professor of international law at the University of Illinois, said the proposed documents may also contravene international law.

Boyle, author of several international law textbooks and a bioweapons expert who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, recently spoke with The Defender about the dangers — and potential illegality — of these two proposed documents

Other prominent analysts also sounded the alarm.

Proposals would create ‘worldwide totalitarian medical and scientific police state’

Meeting in Geneva between Jan. 9-13, the WHO’s IHR Review Committee worked to develop “technical recommendations to the [WHO’s] Director-General on amendments proposed by State Parties to the IHR,” according to a WHO document.

The IHR was first enacted in 2005, in the aftermath of SARS-CoV-1, and took effect in 2007. They constitute one of only two legally binding treaties the WHO has achieved since its inception in 1948 — the other being the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

As previously reported by The Defender, the IHR framework already allows the WHO director-general to declare a public health emergency in any country, without the consent of that country’s government, though the framework requires the two sides to first attempt to reach an agreement.

According to the same WHO document, the recommendations of the IHR Review Committee and the member states’ Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) (WGIHR) will be reported to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus by mid-January, in the leadup to the WHO’s 76th World Health Assembly in late May.

Boyle said he questioned the legality of the above documents, citing for instance the fact that “the proposed WHO treaty violates the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties,” which was ratified in 1969, and which Boyle described as “the international law of treaties for every state in the world.”

Boyle explained the difference between the latest pandemic treaty and IHR proposals. “The WHO treaty would set up a separate international organization, whereas the proposed regulations would work within the context of the WHO we have today.”

However, he said, “Having read through both of them, it’s a distinction without a difference.” He explained:

“Either one or both will set up a worldwide totalitarian medical and scientific police state under the control of Tedros and the WHO, which are basically a front organization for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the biowarfare industry and the Chinese Communist government that pays a good chunk of their bills.

“Either they’ll get the regulations or they’ll get the treaty, but both are existentially dangerous. These are truly dangerous, existentially dangerous and insidious documents.”

Boyle, who has written extensively on international law and argued cases on behalf of Palestine and Bosnia in the International Court of Justice, told The Defender he has “never read treaties and draft international organizations that are so completely totalitarian as the IHR regulations and the WHO treaty,” adding:

“Either one or both will set up a totalitarian medical and scientific police state that will be beyond the control of national, state and  local government authorities.

“Both the IHR regulations and the WHO treaty, as far as I can tell from reading them, are specifically designed to circumvent national, state and local government authorities when it comes to pandemics, the treatment for pandemics and also including in there, vaccines.”

Talks for both the proposed pandemic treaty and the proposed IHR amendments appear to follow a similar timeline, in order to be submitted for consideration during the WHO’s World Health Assembly May 21-30.

“It’s clear to me they are preparing both the regulations and the treaty for adoption by the World Health Assembly in May of 2023,” Boyle said. “That’s where we stand right now as I see it.”

According to the WHO, the International Negotiating Body (INB) working on the Pandemic Treaty will present a “progress report” at the May meeting, with a view toward presenting its “final outcome” to the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024.  (worth reading in full)

If you relayed any of the ‘good news’ highlighted above to your friends, relatives, children, spouses, parents, grandparents – they who haven’t a sliver of a bone left in their spines, are part of the 80% of the population who can’t think beyond whatever slop they hear via government and corporate media, and somehow lost whatever humanity they might have had long ago, now living in the perpetual state of catatonia…maybe don’t bother them anymore.  For if you do try, you’ll probably hear the laughing of hyena’s, the hissing of snakes and the groaning of the catatonics.

But I still can’t figure out what circle of Hell I’m in.

That does it……


Tonight’s musical offering:

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