They’re F**king Geniuses…Don’t You Know

If you acknowledged, participated or even sighed over the past weekend of holiday/holy day activities with family, relatives, friends and others, you may be still a bit awestruck with their ability to keep assuming they have a working brain.  The shyte expelled from their mouths at every yearly gathering remains grounded in the same barfdom they’ve wallowed in since they were of legal drinking age.

It’s simplest essence is that they continue to believe they’ve always been a fucking genius… and you’re not.

No matter the topic, they know.  And if you voice an opinion, or even merely utter a thought contrary to the formulations of liquid goo contained in their craniums, it is you who is ant shit.

It is this type of behavior that has sent God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who created this wonder called Earth, turned into a cesspool of human sludge by humans, to unknown universes to escape the madness.

Cops raid hospital room of terminally-ill Kansas man, 69, with just weeks left to live to seize THC paste and weed vape he uses to ease cancer pain – then order him to appear in court even though he can’t move – via

A terminally-ill Kansas man’s hospital room was raided by cops because he used a weed vape and THC paste to ease the symptoms of the cancer that will kill him within weeks.

Greg Bretz, 69, was targeted by police in Hays Medical Center on December 23. He was after officers found marijuana products within his room, and ordered to appear in court on January 2 – despite being so sick he cannot get out of bed or even move.

Kansas is one of only three US states where medical marijuana is still illegal. Bretz told the Kansas City Star his doctor had told him to use whatever was necessary to relieve his pain, including products containing THC – the active ingredient in cannabis.

But another member of staff is believed to have snitched on Bretz and sparked the subsequent raid.  (read more)

You see, in order for something like this to happen in the first place, all humane, rational, compassionate, common sense type of thinking has to be expelled from the cranium. And for that to happen, the first lie that the imbecilic mind merges with is that they are fucking geniuses.

And if you’re wondering what other fucking genius thoughts are out there, consider these gems:

Michael Moore: Republican Infighting ‘Proof That There Is a God in Heaven’ – via

Great Reset: German Govt Wants to Remote Control Home Heat, Electric Car Charge – via

But not to worry….the U.S. can ‘out-evil’ that:

Report: Hundreds of Thousand of Parents in the U.S. Having their Children Kidnapped by the State at a Rate that Doubled in 6 years – via

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

ProPublica teamed up with NBC News to publish an investigation into families who lose their parental rights through the Child Welfare system and often never get their children back. The title of their report is: The “Death Penalty” of Child Welfare: In Six Months or Less, Some Parents Lose Their Kids Forever.

The focus of their investigation was the length of time it took before the State terminated parental rights, based mainly on a 1997 law passed by President Bill Clinton, the Adoption and Safe Families Act. As we have published many times over the years on our website, this law released federal funding that actually encourages states to take children away from their families, rather than encourage “safe families.”

And while the Clintons are usually blamed for this horrendous law, it was the Republican-led Congress under Newt Gingrich that passed this law and delivered it to President Clinton to sign, so the guilt extends to both political parties.

The ProPublica report focuses on West Virginia, because:

No state terminates parental rights more frequently or faster than West Virginia, according to a ProPublica and NBC News analysis. One in 50 children here experienced the severing of their relationships with both of their parents from 2015 to 2019, the last full year of federal child welfare data available before the pandemic.

West Virginia, like other poor states, takes a higher percentage of children away from their parents because there are economic incentives to do so.

West Virginia has also been rewarded by the federal government for acting quickly to end families, having received $24 million in incentive payments under the 1997 law for increasing the number of adoptions it finalizes. (The program expanded in 2014 to include payments for guardianships, in which responsibility for children is transferred to other adults without completely severing parental rights.) Adjusted for child population, West Virginia has brought in 65% more in these incentives than the next highest state, Alaska. (Source.)

Nationwide, they report, “the parents of about 327,000 children lost their rights from 2015 to 2019,” and:

According to a recent study, the risk that a child will experience the loss of their legal relationship with their parents roughly doubled from 2000 to 2016. One in 100 U.S. children — disproportionately Black and Native American — experience termination through the child welfare system before they turn 18, the study found.

ProPublica and NBC News are most certainly not the first ones to report on this evil practice in the U.S., demonstrating that this problem is so huge, that even the corporate news has to report on it, as it is a problem that cannot be ignored.

I have been covering this issue for almost a decade, and without corporate sponsors and investors, I am free to report on this issue without “sanitizing” it and call it what it actually is: child trafficking, all done under the color of the law.  (read more)

…and Jesus wept!


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