Brave Enough to be Nuts

Completely unable to understand life’s most perplexing problems – like when you wear a face diaper, you’re breathing in the carbon dioxide you just exhaled, along with a host of other unpleasantries, and that such isn’t what your respiratory system was designed for – the unwashed will gloriously fail each and every time in comprehending the basics.

Why think for yourself when parasite dipshits from the government can tell you what to think and all you have to do is flip on and obey.

Mask Mandates Could Make Return After HHS Report Says Masking Should Be Encouraged or Mandated – via

A new report from the Department of Health and Human Services says that policymakers should “encourage or mandate policies and protocols regarding masking and social distancing in public spaces.”

The report states that ending the mask mandates made it harder for people with “long COVID.”

We know what that’s called, right Buchan?


Masks and Long COVID — What’s the Connection? by Dr. Carla Peeters, Ph.D – via
Any measure that may cause oxygen deprivation or inflammation is a risk for sudden death and more severe infectious and chronic diseases (liver, heart problems and neurodegenerative diseases).

A lingering disorder that can last for months or years is affecting an increasing proportion of the workforce. The symptoms that contribute to long COVID could be a result of pandemic measures and masking in particular.

Increased exposure to microplastics, nanoparticles, chemicals in masks and nasopharyngeal tests parallel many of the symptoms that define long COVID.

Geez…who would have thought?  Our government coming up twists on their previous bullshit to continue to trash our health.  Astounding!

The article (worth the read) goes on…

Carbon dioxide poisoning is recognized as an often-forgotten cause of intoxication in the emergency department. Several studies found an increased level of carbon dioxide when wearing masks. This phenomenon was more pronounced during sports.

The laboratory of a South Africa scientist has found significant microclot formation in long COVID patients and acute COVID-19 patients. Acute COVID-19 is not only a lung disease but affects the vascular and coagulation system.

Unfortunately, inflammatory molecules are missed in normal blood tests as they are entrapped in the fibrinolytic resistant microclots. The presence of the microclots and hyperactivated platelets perpetuates coagulation and vascular pathology, resulting in cells not getting enough oxygen.

Oxygen deprivation damages every single organ. Many COVID-19 patients have low oxygen in the blood and are treated with oxygen therapy.

Oxygen deprivation at the cellular level is also described for bio-corona that are formed in the human body when exposed to graphene-oxide and microplastics.

Graphene-oxide and microplastics are found in masks and nasopharyngeal swabs and may enter the human body via airways, eyes or food.

Two and a half years into the pandemic the immune system is disrupted by O2 deprivation and exposure to microplastics, nanoparticles and other toxic chemicals. This leads to an unfavorable change in the microbiome, brain damage, inflammation and the formation of microclots.Microclots could be amyloids formed by excreted bacterial products and/or biocorona, formed by nanoparticles and microplastics. The microclots cannot naturally break down by fibrinolysis and accelerates O2 deprivation in capillaries and at the cellular level.

Wearing masks and nasopharyngeal swabs could lead to (sudden) death

The results of Foegen’s observational study published in Medicine strongly suggest that mask mandates caused 50% more deaths compared to no mask mandates.

Dr. Foegen theorized that hyper-condensed droplets caught by masks are reinhaled and introduced deeper into the respiratory tract responsible for higher viral loads and an increased mortality rate (the Foegen effect). Exposure to microplastics may result in lung fibrosis.

Also, a peer-reviewed study published in April on mask usage across Europe noted a moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths in Western Europe.

Not harm, supporting lives is the purpose of life

The policy of politicians and advisory experts promoting a reintroduction of pandemic measures is a high risk for a disastrous effect for a now chemically poisoned population with a weakened immune system.

In many countries in the world excessive mortality and sickness is observed. Each of the measures including COVID-19 vaccination might have its own contribution to the weakened immune system.

The observed microclots in patients with long COVID and acute COVID-19, independent of COVID-19 vaccination, is indicating that any measure that may cause oxygen deprivation or inflammation is a risk for sudden death, and more severe infectious and chronic diseases (liver, heart problems and neurodegenerative diseases).

At this moment it is not known which concentration of microclots and oxygen deprivation may result in severe symptoms or even death.

Above all, after two and a half years into the pandemic, neglecting the basic principles of public health, the pandemic measures do not show benefits in the reduction of COVID-19 infection and COVID-19 deaths.

The policy of mask-wearing and frequent testing is ineffective, expensive and causes harm to humanity and the environment. Therefore, mask-wearing and frequent testing should be halted immediately worldwide.

The priority need is a political will and governmental funding to focus on strengthening the immune system, preventing malnutrition and famine for all.

Moreover, millions of individuals suffering from long COVID, or side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have the right for personal and financial support. Otherwise many people may become disabled as a result of poor management of this crisis.

Originally published by Brownstone Institute

Life is so uncomfortably odd amongst the insane.

But thank the gods, there is glorious music.


Tonight’s musical offerings:

“Die Entführung aus dem Serail” (“The abduction from the seraglio”)  – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Taken from Miloš Forman’s, “Amadeus”.


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  1. Governments lie (all the time) –
    Doesn’t anyone remember Close Encounters? No, it seems not. The last few decades have brought us nothing but weak-minded, compliant, fraidy cats.

    “There’s nothing wrong with the air”…

    Nothing that they don’t put there, in the first place.

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