Hand-outs for Thanksgiving

What new travesty can befall the masses?  Incomprehensible stupidity has danced in the unwashed’s minds for a very long while now, most especially ever since parasite government shysters kicked off their grand scamdemic…and the masses listened to them.

Like most humanoids’ inability to grasp anything beyond the imaginings of their minds, where they daydream they’re complicated yet deep souls but aren’t much deeper than a blank sheet of paper, they continue to set sail towards deserted islands, where they imagine crowds will celebrate their arrival as the caring, bright, sophisticated, nurturing, sexy and beautiful people they aren’t.

Remember the genius ‘scientific’ offerings from the parasite dipshits that nearly all followed without question, with hardly a whimper of protest?  (images via healthimpactnews.com)

And don’t forget the brain pain that went into designing this hilarity to keep the mighty cornholio at bay…when you’re fickin’ outside:

Another stellar example of psychofuck’s at work:

And maybe the dickheads’ grandest piece of shitfuckery….

So, this Thanksgiving, impress your friends and relatives who followed all government orders, reminding them that while they may have condemned your arse because you said NO to having experimental chemical sludge injected into your body, you still fondly remember the horseshit they believed in and promoted (and maybe still do) by handing out these nifty reminders.  It’s sure to endear you even more to them as you pass the turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes…or the cockroaches, caterpillars and mealworms they prefer in order to stop the next scamdemic they’re waiting for the government to declare.

And a holiday travel reminder to travel light:


Tonight’s musical offering:

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