“Your beliefs will be the light by which you see, but they will not be what you see and they will not be a substitute for seeing.”
― Flannery O’Connor, Mystery and Manners: Occasional Prose


Tonight’s musical offering:

From the opera “Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro)” ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“I have no idea to this day what those two Italian ladies were singing about. Truth is, I don’t want to know. Some things are best left unsaid. I like to think they were singing about something so beautiful it can’t be expressed into words, and makes your heart ache because of it.” – From the film, The Shawshank Redemption




  1. What a beautiful dog! Henry is getting older. Little gray at the nozzle…Still in excellent shape and gorgeous! He has an excellent best friend in you Decker

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    1. Thank you so very much! Henry is hanging in there. ‘Only’ 6 years old, a little premature gray, but as we both agree about the dogs…our very best friends!


      1. very young….it is a crime of the century that our best friends don’t get to live a long life! They deserve to. or maybe that is my selfishness. I would like to not live it alone without my friend by my side when they move on to dog heaven and i have to stay behind!

        at one time in this country….dogs had a life span of 30 years plus! The toxins from the industrial age in the early 1900s poisoned them and their food just like ours. The vets instead of helping them have killed them with injections, toxic medicines that do nothing but take away more of their lives. those injections given over and over and over again when they don’t need them have taken their toll and ended their time with us prematurely.

        perhaps that is the best in todays age ! I wish i could be with them, go together and not be stuck in Dante Hell

        my dogs are my friends, my children, my confidantes. i am blessed to have them!! I wouldn’t survive in this dark world without their happy faces , tail wags, play bows and them giving my face a wash whether it needs it or not. and snuggles.

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      2. So beautifully said! I was talking with a naturopath who echoed what you said about a dogs life span being 30+ years in times long since gone. As we both know, the modern mess has turned everything into one continuous shit show. Thank God we have our dogs! If you don’t mind me asking, how many dogs are sharing their lives with you?


  2. i have 9 dogs that are sharing my life. used to have 12 but my three oldest moved on to dog heaven. i still have the 9. in the country people drive out and dump dogs and cats. and peacocks..ok, i don’t know where that one came from but he moved in.

    one of my dogs was dumped. i watched as a mini van drove by and stopped at the top of the hill on our gravel road…well..mostly stopped…the sliding door came open and threw a dog out on the road. literally. she was torn up from road rash. she was also pregnant. she came to my gate, limping on 3 legs. i patched up her hurts. gave her a bath to rid her of fleas. she was skinny. took her to my vet to have her spayed. and the vet asked me what to do with the 10 puppies?

    he always ultrasounds before a spay so he never knocked her out or cut her open. he was a good vet. one of the few left. he retired since then. but him and i gave her lots of vitamins and minerals and she safely delivered her puppies a month later. i found screened homes for 5 of them. the other 5 are still here. i got tired of trying to find human beings to take them in as good friends. there are not many of those left. I screened 95 people before i could find homes for 5 of her beautiful babies.

    so of my 9 dogs. 1 is their mother…5 are her puppies…(all spayed and neutered now so no more puppies) another dog i have is an australian cattle dog that a neighbor gave us they had found him walking down the road and no one claimed him. so he came here! that is 7.

    my only chosen dog is my rottweiler. he is a wonderful dog and over 100 pounds, he is 10 now. he was here before all the rest. my last dog is a rottweiler mix that my neighbor gave me. she couldn’t place her because she has a crooked hind leg and no one wanted so i took her.

    i have rottweilers, Australian cattle dog, black and tan hounds (the puppies). my dogs that went to dog heaven were great Pyrenees mix of some kind, another dumped dog that found her way to my gate. my oldest of all that died at 14 was another mixed Pyrenees…

    more info then you need wanted to know…..i don’t place the dogs that end up here…i just train them to get along and to not do harm to the other critters on the place. They are all house broke as well. and they have a dog door…. they are a well mixed pack! and they get along, are well trained and are very useful as well. no one enters my gate!! hahaha…..not even a delivery driver will risk that….no racoons, no possums, no predators come to take a bird. I have guard geese and my dogs are trained to leave them along. Cats, dogs, birds, all get along.

    i wouldn’t want to live a day without them in my life and yet i dont’ get vote! it breaks off a piece of my heart when one dies and leaves us alone without their loyalty, their friendship, their kisses, their tolerance of us and our odd lifestyle. Such devotion isn’t found in the human race. It should be but it isn’t. rules of civility my pack lives by the human race is incapable of! The love they have for each other is also absent form the human species. love without strings attached.

    Thank you for asking about my pack! One day i will be without them. But I hope never to be completely alone without a canine friend to walk through life with.

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    1. Highlander….I’m almost speechless! All you’ve done for our canine friends is absolutely amazing! You demonstrate each and every day where your heart is for our friends. i know that God, the gods, the heavens, the universe or whatever true goodness and love is out there will bless you with abundance when we get to be with our friends permanently, after this absolute insanity has ended. Thank you so very much for sharing and like you, I too hope never to be alone without a canine friend to walk through life with. Cheers, Highlander!


  3. i don’t claim credit for it. The God of this world gives me the assist I need in both monetary and the land to do it with. I was a rotten kid and a worse teenager so maybe it is a way to redeem myself for all the bad things i did in my life! I live in the country so i have the benefit and the room. I am blessed that way.

    there is a saying from a tv show i used to watch that i rather like….”see you on the other side brother”….don’t be late! when we get to heaven it better be dog heaven or i won’t go!! If there is a light at the end of the tunnel i will side on a bench inside the tunnel and wait until one of my dogs comes to collect me. otherwise i still stay at the train station forever waiting! I won’t go to a heaven that has no dogs.

    see you on the other side Decker. Will be glad to shake your hand!

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    1. Well…no matter the past, what you’re doing now is as stellar as it gets, in my book anyway. And I too love that saying. Indeed, I too will be glad to shake your hand on the other side. I’m looking forward to it! Cheers!


      1. well thank you.!! i love doing it. i love being with my friends and watching them have fun playing. watch them grow and just live!

        i have 4 cats that came to us the same way…5 if you count the wild barn cat. they are pampered as well. house cats…they live with a pack of dogs…if you walk through my house you have to watch out for paws! all are house dogs and house cats.

        i have 4 horses that i bought from a stable that was starving them to death. their original owner died and didn’t pay her bill. so the stable owner quit feeding those horses! insane! i paid the bill and took ownership of the horses. one died…there were 5. with the help of my vet we brought the other 4 back to life but the fifth one didn’t make it she was too old and couldn’t regain her lost weight. i have to say if i had the choice the stable owner would be in jail and worse i would have her suffer the same fate she gave to those horses….but she got away with it…the horses though at least survived and flourish. they are happy horses! Their only job is to come get sweet eats twice a day. be groomed and have their hooves trimmed every couple of months….by me! I am my own farrier.

        they will live out their lives here! two are young and i am working with them to turn them into saddle horses….one was already broke to ride and the other was another 20 year old. it took me two years to bring him back from the dead but he is a wonderful horse though he can’t be ridden which is fine by me. pasture ornaments are always desirable in my book! he is one to always be following you around and in your pocket looking for a bit of carrot or apple…hopeful anyway.

        i also have a wild goose that got hit by a car. the car driven never slowed down. she survived but with a broken twisted wing and cannot fly but she loves to be with my domesticated geese and has an acre and a half to graze in. geese are easy to feed. they eat grass and clover and weeds..she will be a pet for the rest of her life as well.

        the funny thing is. when i moved here i did so to escape what was coming…i knew something bad was coming 10 years ago and sought to make myself and my family as self sufficient as possible. it never occurred to me that i would be making a sanctuary for more then just us! I wouldn’t change it for anything!! I love my life and seek to keep it despite the insane Goblins of the world who would take it from me!

        i have had some folks say i should go non profit or open to the public or even take federal funds…no way!! when you do that you lose all control. plus, they dictate what happens and when it happens. besides i am not nor ever will be OFFICIAL….i am entitled to have animals because we are agriculture based land therefore i have to answer to no one! I plan to keep it that way to the best of my ability.

        Life is what happens when your busy making other plans and my life is definitely a testimony to that statement! I had other plans and it didn’t turn out like what I had in mind…

        I am still able to pursue my self sufficiency dreams and my animals are all well fed, pampered, and happy. well cared for to the best of my ability. even my livestock are pampered though they end up in the freezer for all of us to eat…dogs included…my personal philosophy is my life, my friends life, my little piece of paradise are all on loan from God or the committee of Dolphins…and I have to answer to HIM for their care….when they return to source i hope they can say they had a happy life. And I had better have answer for HIM if they don’t!!

        These creatures do not belong to us and it would be a better world if people would remember that fact!

        Cheers Decker and Henry The Magnificent!

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      2. Highlander….seriously, you are a hero, a quiet hero, but a hero nonetheless for all you’ve done and continue to do. I just marvel at all of it! Reading through your offering there, it reminded a bit of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ – both the books and series – of your service to these lovable creatures. Indeed, all on loan from God. Couldn’t agree more. Cheers to you, Highlander! You are an inspiration! Truly!


  4. your my inspiration Decker! your a hero for speaking out! speaking the truth and never wavering from it! putting out the TRUTH unvarnished!! and the things you manage to find are amazing considering the endless censorship taking place! I have shared a lot of your posts. printed a bunch for my copy of things. i have found printing copies of things i admire is best as soon they are gone or shadow banned and i can never find them again!

    you are a hero!! If in doubt….look at HENRY….he is God’s angel in fur…his messenger and his face says he is content and very very happy!

    thank you for speaking out decker. the past 2 years has been a nightmare and seems to want to get worse. i have you to thank for my education in a lot of things taking place.

    your the best writer out there in my humble opinion and i am very grateful i found you!

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    1. Thank you, Highlander! Coming from you, I’m honored and so very much appreciative of your kind words. You are so right…the past 2 years have been a nightmare and it seems no end in sight. But we have God’s angels in fur (I quite like that one – thank you) and together….we fight on! Hope all is well with you and yours! Cheers!


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