As Simple As That…


“The situation is so clear, the data affirm if you get vaccinated you are protected, even with the Delta variant — which by the way has a greater capacity to spread from person to person — and when you’re infected it has a greater likelihood of giving you serious disease. We know that as a fact.”

“It’s as simple as black and white,” Fauci said. “You’re vaccinated, you’re safe. You’re unvaccinated, you’re at risk. Simple as that.” – via msnbc, June 22, 2021

Ah yes…out of the mouths of demons come lies. 

That was then…this is now:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, tested positive for COVID-19, his office said Wednesday. Fauci, who is quadruple-vaxxed, was experiencing “mild symptoms.” – via


It’s full-tilt insane asylum now…right?

“My sympathies to the family of your… uhhh… CFO who dropped dead very unexpectedly,” Biden said to the CEO of Jo-Ann Stores. – via


I could add in a few more tonight….

W.H.O to declare Public Health Emergency of International Concern over COVID Vaccine-Induced Shingles (Monkeypox) – via


FDA ignored evidence of Autoimmune Disease & Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease in the Confidential Pfizer Documents – via

But at this point….does it really matter?  We’ve (collectively) allowed straight-up psychofuck’s to take over.  One’s only hope now is to become as self-sufficient as possible (thanks, Highlander), live your life paying no heed to these demons, and pray.   

Maybe God, Mother Earth, the committee of dolphins, the choirs of angels, or any other mystical and heavenly entities have a ‘Plan B’ to put an end to the fuckery these demons have, and continue to bring. I guess I’m a bit too cynical, and too old to see why they would, when most are so horribly uninterested in anything that is good, that is beautiful, that is right, that is true.

So…on to Plan B



Tonight’s musical offering:

The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra performs Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 –  2nd movement


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