Oh No! Baby Joey Throws A Tantrum!

Oh dear!  Find something sturdy to hold onto. Protect the pets and children. Baby Joey is about to throw a tantrum…

Joe Biden, Screaming: “I Don’t Wanna Hear Any More Of These Lies About Reckless Spending”

What a dickhead!  What may be worse is that people applauded his tantrum.  And Jesus wept!

Whether the source of irritation this deranged idiot is suffering from comes from a poopy diaper, or that he’s pissed that he’s not tucked into bed with his warm cookie and milk, or that most of the thinking world is laughing at this nutjob every time he opens his mouth, who knows for sure. But baby Joey is pissed!

Reckless spending.  Says who?

Senate Votes To Pass $40 Billion Ukraine Aid Bill

House Passes $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill With $13.6 Billion For Ukraine

Biden To Boost Already Bloated Pentagon Budget With Proposed $715 Billion

Aw, so what!  Baby Joey is about to crap his pants if you plebs don’t shut up and accept his table scraps. So, shut up!

Meanwhile, in other news that has God and Mother Earth contemplating speeding up their implementation of Armageddon:

Trump is toying with a 2024 presidential campaign declaration early, possibly on July 4: NBC – via businessinsider.com

For a bit of better news…or at least something to take you away from all this insanity if even for just a bit…if you’re so inclined, take a listen to David Knight, to the last 30 minutes of his daily program from today, and a discussion on the importance of beauty.  It starts at the 2:31:30 mark.

The David Knight Show – Tuesday, June 14th



Tonight’s musical offerings:

Got To Get You Into My Life – Leonid & Friends (Earth, Wind & Fire cover)


Colour My World – Chicago (Leonid & Friends cover)


  1. Oh goody!! Aren’t we the lucky ones…The orange man wants to rule us again! He gave us the covid lock downs, masks, fauci, as he turned over the power of the united states to the creep from the mad magazines….or perhaps that is just a look alike? The trump man gave us WARP SPEED on the injections that have murdered so many people and maimed others! He is as bad as biden! just another puke in a suit!

    Why anyone obeys these clowns is beyond me! The best thing a person could do today is relearn that little two letter word, NO! say it over and over, mean it. live it! no matter what these clowns do or say shout them down with that little word!

    The implosion of the economy started with trump and ends with Biddy Biden! it reminds me of the Clintons and the Bush family….First it was bush in office, then clinton, then bush and then the transgender wife of clinton seeking to rule us with her iron fist!

    Who gives a rats behind which wanna be dictator seeks to flay our backs with the whip? does it really matter? the end results will always be the same! The puppet master behind them is the true ruler and he, or it, never leaves office. The bureaucrats never leave office, the fauci’s never leave office. who sits on the throne pretending to rule the world makes no difference at all. the only thing that happens is the power marches on unchecked. the whip comes down on the american people no matter who holds it and that is a fact!

    The only hope one has is to become as self sufficient as possible, say no, and live your life no matter what they decree!

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    1. Exactly, Highlander…one’s only hope at this stage is to be as self sufficient as possible and live your life as you choose. Thank you for your thoughts…Cheers to you and yours!


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