The Smartest Nutjobs in the Room

The drama continues to enfold in this vaudeville with high school dipshits and fraternity big dicks holding firm in their belief that as adults the malarky they continue to hold onto from their big deal days, is still the awesome sauce they and a handful of their loser brethren at the frat house conned themselves into believing it was many, many years ago.

Yes, in the factory of sadness, such morons graduated from their stinkfilth cribs and dived into adulthood, still under the impression that they’re the smartest guys in the room yet not understanding that the ‘room’ is the construction site pissatorium. Predictably, they start websites, do podcasts where they actually charge people to listen to their jive, and if they are true believers of shitfuckery – they work at NPR.

Snitches Get Tote Bags: Taxpayer-Funded NPR Creates Tip Line for Employees to Rat Out Colleagues Who Don’t Wear Masks – via

NPR continues to enforce a strict mask mandate at its office and maintains an anonymous tip line for employees to snitch on colleagues who break the rules. Failure to comply with the mask policy could lead to “disciplinary action, up to and including in termination,” the taxpayer-funded media network reminded staff in a memo obtained by Dylan Byers, a longtime friend of the Washington Free Beacon.

“We have asked on-site supervisors to remind staff of the masking requirements when needed,” reads the imperious communiqué. “Masking is still required, unless recording alone in a studio, working alone in an office with the doors closed, or actively eating or drinking. (And ‘actively’ does not mean occasionally drinking from a water bottle).”

Oh dear!  The cornholio remains the most clever of flu’s, still able to detect active eaters and drinkers.  

But see, when one is a true believer – in whatever cult, ratting out the non-believers, or even those who might offer up a question here and there is part of the essential duties the chicanery artists count on within the herd who follows them.  And, of course, it’s not just the charlatan amateurs with their cool club ravings – the really dangerous lunatics are doing some serious shit:

The Biden Administration Deliberately Destroyed Our Capacity to Produce Energy – by Martin Armstrong via

Everyone who voted for Biden will continue to see their future utterly destroyed. The climate change people are deliberately destroying the capacity to produce energy without any alternative in place. The word from DC is that they “do not give a sh-t” about the people. They want to destroy our ability to produce fossil fuels before they are thrown out of office if that is even possible.

Alaskan Senator Sullivan explains that the Biden Administration is DELIBERATELY creating an energy crisis and then wants to blame oil companies and Putin. Senator Sullivan explains what Biden has done in just the last three weeks.

Then at the same time, they want farmers to grow only green crops and terminate beef production. The Neocons want to wage war against Russia and China. And nobody stands up and asks – “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”

For what it’s worth, this shitposting writer trusts very few sites and individuals who are dedicated to reporting the truth…whatever it may be.  A few are:;;; and a few others.  And the above listed don’t charge you a farthing to listen or read their reporting.  Of course, if one does listen or read them, always good to support them however you can.

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” ― Flannery O’Connor


Tonight’s musical offering:

Haydn: Sinfonie Nr. 82 (»L’Ours«) ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Jean-Christophe Spinosi

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