…And Then You’re an Asshole

As the gods prepare their butt sergeant’s for what could be the final assault on humankind, manufactured distractions are part of the arsenal the gods of Gehenna use to divert what little attention span the unwashed might have left after spooning with their hand held radiation devices 24/7, from the psychofuck’s on-going shit storms:

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They’re calling it “the perfect storm” for food banks and food pantries. via thelibertydaily.com
Inflation is up, donations are down, and more people need food. With schools letting out for summer, many American kids face going hungry, without school breakfast or lunch.
And food prices keep rising.
Food banks serving the poor are seeing empty shelves, just as more people need their services.
Watch this report (embedded in article) from San Antonio (transcript of highlights below):

Indeed…the perfect storm.  2 years of a government concocted scamdemic resulting in businesses shuttered, jobs lost, health, both physically and mentally, permanently altered or destroyed, ass-wipe financial decisions, and now a ‘proxy’ war these shysters are starting. It is a perfect storm…a shit storm these dickheads are solely responsible for.

From the video:
Steve Spriester: Scarcity on the shelves and worries about what’s to come – the San Antonio Food Bank says they are bracing for the busiest time of year – and look at these empty shelves. They are especially concerned for kids.”
Myra Arthur: “According to the food bank, inflation is causing more people to reach out and ask for help. However, donations of food are down.”
Food bank official: “If you walk through our warehouse, you could almost see from one end to the other through the shelves because it’s mostly empty of the non-perishable food items … the gains that people made in their wages have been eroded. Our numbers are actually up from where they were in December.”
According to this report, (embedded in article) food banks are hurting in Florida, too (transcript of highlights below):
From the video:
Anchor: “Food banks and food pantries in our area — they are in a bind right now. Many are running out of the food that they so desperately need to help people… They’re running out of time too.”
Adaure Achumba: “These shelves are normally stacked and filled with all kinds of non-perishable food items. But as we head towards the summer months, if they’re not replenished, they’ll stay empty, leaving many families without food.”
Kansas Senator Roger Marshall is warning a “worldwide famine” is coming in the wake of war in Ukraine and rising input prices:
“This will be a worldwide famine. I think it will be even worse next year than this year . . . I think American farmers are doing their best to respond, but we can’t get fertilizer. The fertilizer prices have quadrupled. Diesel food has doubled. So many of the fertilizers and the herbicides we can’t even get right now.”

(I came across the following app the other day. The site is called ‘Farmish‘.  Their mission is to connect communities with local food sources. Buy and sell garden produce, backyard chicken eggs, supplies, and more.  I haven’t as yet, used them, and I know there are other similar sites out there – just wanted to share.  It may be of use sooner than one thinks.  app.getfarmish.com)

But really….not to worry.  Ding-dong Joe and his merry riders from the outhouse have everyone in the U.S. taken care of.  If they didn’t, how could they possibly reach into their bag of magic money and do this?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional Democrats are preparing a plan that would boost President Joe Biden’s requested $33 billion Ukraine aid package to nearly $40 billion, and a House vote is possible as soon as Tuesday, two people familiar with lawmakers’ thinking said.

In a retreat, Biden conceded that the package should not contain any of the additional billions he’s requested to combat COVID-19. Republicans, whose backing would be crucial to pushing legislation through the evenly divided Senate, have opposed adding that money to the Ukraine aid.

“We cannot afford delay in this vital war effort,” Biden said in a written statement. “Hence, I am prepared to accept that these two measures move separately, so that the Ukrainian aid bill can get to my desk right away.”

“In a retreat”?  Oh…that’s right.  He went to play golf with his brother while Jill Biden took her Mother’s Day greetings to Ukraine. Right…that’s the retreat.

Inflation, worldwide famine, poverty, homelessness, health fuckery, war – they’ve got it all covered.  Well, not really, because they’re going to make sure that they finance their war machine first and the rest that would go to its own citizens, well, that can be debated about until God decides to end this fuckbag of lunacy.

And this just in:

Americans Should Treat Covid-19 Like the Flu – via reversenews.com


Several top Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials, including Commissioner Robert Califf, admitted that Americans will now have to accept COVID-19 as another respiratory virus, comparing it to influenza.

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and top vaccine official Dr. Peterk Marks wrote for the Journal of the American Medical Association that COVID-19 will be around for the foreseeable future while suggesting that it will require yearly vaccines targeting the most threatening variations of the virus.

Whew!  That was a close one! The FDA shysters barely got that one in so that it can be ignored under the current set of distractions.

And another bag of their shyte:

Pfizer’s New 80,000-Page Data Dump Is A Nightmare – by Emerald Robinson – via emeralddb3.substack.com

Pfizer tested their Covid vaccine on rats and then let pregnant women take it.

You probably didn’t know that Pfizer dumped 80,000 pages of documents this week.

That’s because the American corporate media refused to cover it — and that’s because almost all of them took money from the Biden regime to promote the experimental vaccines and kill any critical coverage of them.

Anyway, it turns out that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was not 95% effective: the data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate.

Let me repeat: 12%. That’s a “1” followed by a “2.”

But wait: it gets worse.

There were no human clinical trials to determine if the experimental COVID vaccines were safe for pregnant women. They were excluded from all the trials.

None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Instead, they tested it on 44 rats.

Pfizer deliberately cut off the clinical data trial before the bad news could be collected. We already know that Pfizer vaccine’s RNA is reverse-transcribing itself into your DNA. We already know that the vaccines increased the risk of getting COVID in children, the CDC intentionally withheld clinical data from the public, and a Moderna gene sequence patented in 2017 was found in the COVID virus spike protein.  (worth reading in full)


“Everyone appreciates your honesty, until you’re honest with them.  Then you’re an asshole.” – George Carlin


Tonight’s musical offering:

MOZART~ Sinfonia Concertante , K.364 (Presto) – DANIEL BARENBOIM/Staatskapelle Berlin

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash


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