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  1. Good stuff maynerd and it makes me feel better about having been a guitarist in a cover band for years I just always tried to bring my own take on everything and boy it paid off learning scales. If I ever teach guitar – like Mclaughlin said – 3 tips: Scales, scales, scales.

    I don’t know if you’re a rocker at all – but Clutch to me is one of the few relatively recent (as in past the 70s) bands I enjoy some of their stuff – them and anything from 90s Meat Puppets – the drummer is always tribal beats – part time jazz guy…anyways, try this for prophetic…and check out the lyrics… also temple of syrinx reference….Ribonucleic Acid Freakout indeed – (most so called humans are actually a series of ones and zeros I have determined – designed to bring you dismay, i say.

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