Because Good is Dumb

In the world of suck, reality and truth takes a back seat to whatever in the hell the dipshits holding down government jobs in rat infested corridors proclaim.

Breath freely one day, the next it’s back to breathing in microplastics. And quite possibly the most predictable behavior of homo sapiens in this present era of shit, shit and more shit, is that whatever lunacy is offered up, it will be obeyed. No need for the cat-o’-nine-tails here.

The CDC has officially reinstated its mask recommendation for travelers in the U.S. despite a judge’s order last month declaring mask mandates unlawful.

The agency cited “currently available data” for the decision and even asked operators in the transportation sectors to push “all people, including employees” to wear masks, despite a federal ruling to the contrary. – via


On the same day as the CDC’s new recommendation, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg downplayed concerns of another mask mandate.

“The appeal concerns whether the CDC has the authority to (require masks) in this pandemic or in any pandemic, which is completely distinct from whether a mask mandate ought to be applied any given day,” said Buttigieg during a Tuesday Senate hearing.

Wait…wuuuut?  Lovely bouquet of bat guano there, Pete.  But hey, does this guy ever make any sense? Naw! He’s just the guy who stages a bike ride for an environmental photo-op and offers up word salads upon request. Oh, and he’s the Transportation Secretary too.

Pete_Buttigieg_official_photo_(cropped)                                      256px-Alfred_E._Neumann   


No matter of studies out that report face mask usage correlates with higher death rates (and here) – screw that, these dickheads have their agenda’s of continued disease to maintain.

And speaking of photo-op’s:

Propaganda From a Warzone – Martin Armstrong –

Politicians are using Ukraine as a photo opportunity. Would the most powerful government officials risk traveling there if Kyiv was under constant attack? Would they publicly stroll the streets with Russia’s alleged top target? Third in line to lead the US, 82-year-old Nancy Pelosi, insisted on putting a wall and armed guards around the US capitol, stating she feared for her life. She had no problem flying to what has been described as an active warzone to take pictures with Zelensky and personally deliver him billions of dollars for a war the media states he is winning.

Boris Johnson also did not pass on the photo opportunity. The prime minister of the UK openly walked around Kyiv with the Ukrainian leader. Zelensky made sure to wear his military gear for the photos, although Johnson was in a suit. There were no bulletproof vests, and they did not meet in a secret location. In fact, numerous leaders of NATO nations have visited Ukraine since the war began. The presidents of Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Estonia all traveled by train to visit the war-torn country. Many others have visited as well and sent top delegates amid an ongoing war.

Everyone clearly knows where Zelensky is located – including the Russians. There were countless reports of Russian special forces attempting to assassinate Zelensky in the “early hours” of the war. Zelensky never went into hiding. He posts videos from his office in Kyiv and has made his location known. Yet, he claims that he and his family will be assassinated by Putin soon. He has successfully secured the public’s opinion as they see him as a brave leader who is willing to risk his life for his country. If Putin wanted to assassinate Zelensky, he would have done so already. Putin does not want a war with NATO and is moving carefully.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gershwin: An American in Paris ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Andrés Orozco-Estrada


Photo: By US Department of Transportation –, Public Domain,


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