Goo Goo For Them

As with any great failure, the enormity of the colossal idiocy that birthed it isn’t realized until the madness of it all has completely unfolded and its devastation on the maximum has been realized. Of course, since most of the masses choose to snooze, burp and fart their way through another day, week and year, the great failure goes unnoticed.

Quiet lamentations might be heard from the unwashed if it weren’t due to that age-old problem of putting off what can be done today, until millennia from now. The high-end talent from Gehenna never rests and the unwashed’s favorite pastime of allowing failure upon failure secures shitfuckery for them, their children and their children’s, children’s, children.

“If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.” ― Marcus Aurelius

CDC Study finds Covid-19 Vaccination increases risk of suffering Autoimmune Disease Myocarditis by 13,200% – via

A study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration has shown that the risk of myocarditis following mRNA COVID vaccination is around 133x greater than the background risk in the population.

This means Covid vaccination increases the risk of suffering myocarditis, an autoimmune disease causing inflammation of the heart, by 13,200%.

The study, conducted by researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as from several U.S. universities and hospitals, examined the effects of vaccination with products manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

The study’s authors used data obtained from the CDC’s VAERS reporting system which were cross-checked to ensure they complied with CDC’s definition of myocarditis; they also noted that given the passive nature of the VAERS system, the number of reported incidents is likely to be an underestimate of the extent of the phenomenon.

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And isn’t it grand that these chemical goo manufacturer’s have the health interests of EVERYONE at heart?

Hypocrisy of Our Overlords” Hundreds of CDC Employees Never Got Their Covid-19 Jabs – via

And don’t think WWIII will extinguish these dickheads scamdemic… it continues, worldwide:

Covid Russia: Triumph of the Virus Scam:  Everything is going according to plan – via


Fauci Says America ‘out of the pandemic phase’ then backtracks the next day – via

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Ah, the gerbil is out of the cage, again!


“Politicians are not born; they are excreted.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Tonight’s musical offering:

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach – Symphony No. 1 (Presto) – D major Wq 183/1 | WDR Sinfonieorchester

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