If Swallowed or Inhaled, Or…

Feeling nothing, yet with that bitter sensation you might be screwed is all that is offered at the vaudeville smorgasbord each day.

The psychofuck’s deeds of annihilation of the unwashed are duly recorded in Gehenna, the prize being that they will have company in one of the many circles of hell once this shit show is completed. And as we know, for everyone, Father Time is undefeated.

Flammable in liquid and vapor form, acute toxicity if swallowed or inhaled, hazardous to health, and mutagenic (causes cancer). anaemia, cough, CNS depression, drowsiness, headache, heart damage, lassitude (weakness, exhaustion), liver damage, narcosis, reproductive effects and teratogenic effects  – No, these aren’t conditions suffered from watching Disney or Netflix atrocities, these are the hazards from the lipid, SM-102.  And where the world do we find SM-102?  Let’s ask the gods of shitfuckery.

Why it’s an ingredient in Moderna’s Covid vaccine!


And they had us thinking they were acting on behalf of our health with their chemical goo offerings.


Moderna’s Covid ‘Vaccines’ are Injecting Toxic Lab-Grade SM102 into People – by Rhoda Wilson via dailyexpose.uk

“Moderna’s Covid injection — which has been administered more than 121 million times since the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) granted it an emergency use authorisation in December — includes 10 ingredients,” Factcheck.org wrote in May 2021, “it uses an ingredient called SM-102 to deliver the mRNA.”

So, what is SM-102 and is it harmful? Let’s find out, wrote Jessica Rose.

SM-102 is a lipid that you can order online for laboratory use. It is referred to as an ‘ionisable amino lipid’.

The first thing that any good ‘chemist’ does when ordering a new ‘chemical’ is to check out the Material Safety Data Sheet (“MSDS”) safety sheet.1 2 See the MSDS for SM-102. I will list 3 pages here as per Cayman’s SM-102 product listed online.

The symbols listed above are quite self-explanatory but I will explain them anyway. This lipid is listed as having the following hazards: flammable in liquid and vapour form, acute toxicity if swallowed or inhaled, hazardous to health, and mutagenic (causes cancer). It is listed as being 90% ethanol and 10% SM-102 and is known to cause anaemia, cough, CNS depression, drowsiness, headache, heart damage, lassitude (weakness, exhaustion), liver damage, narcosis, reproductive effects and teratogenic effects as per the First-Aid Measures and treatment from potential exposure.  (worth reading in full)

That’s right, Tom…the gifts from the godless just keep coming.

And yet, after two years of bullshit from these psychofuck’s, anvils of truth could be dropped on the heads of the believers of their insanity, and the insanity won’t simply continue, it will flourish.

“I believe that people believe what they believe they believe.” ― Ogden Nash

As I’ve never been to Paris, and at this late stage of my life, probably never will…well, there is this:

Excellent French Restaurant “La Petite Périgourdine” at the foot of the Pantheon


Tonight’s musical offering:

콘트라베이스 최준혁_이탈리아여행 중 거리연주가들과 함께 즉흥연주_ Autumn leaves

Contrabass player, Jun-Hyuk Choi from Korea. – Autumn leaves

We were traveling in Florence, Italy. He joined street players after saying I’m a bassist and if I could play some. In Korea, he played it with four strings but there were only three, which might make him play little bit hard but amazing. The song they played, Autumn leaves, is jazz standard, which is the reason why they could play together right away.


  1. Gee, I call that pre-meditated murder but the rest of the world call it a ‘vaccine’. Ethanol in cars at 20% which is an alcohol made from corn damages the engine. any car older then 2000 will have the engine, the seals, the hoses and belts corroded. the internal parts destroyed by that high a level which is what the walking disease called biden wants to do to the car fuel. That creature in human clothing also wants to give ownership of our bodies to the world health organization and U.N. As if they have the right which they don’t. They have MIGHT but no RIGHTS.

    Now they put ethanol inside the body with the injections and people lined up to take it willingly. I have no doubt it and the genetic manipulation, who knows what other surprise is inside the box of cracker jacks they call ‘vaccine’…it is a poison and it is being injected into people. Those doing those injections and those creating the chemical to put in the vials are guilty of mass murder on a scale that makes the holocaust look pale in comparison! 5.5 BILLION people have been injected world wide. how is that not a holocaust?

    All of this it taking place because people are cowards by nature and obedient drones at their deepest core. They have abdicated their lives and those of their family to a bunch of monsters who want them dead, maimed or controlled with whatever A.I chip they have injected in them.

    This creature in human clothing says people are useless eaters and have to be re-engineered. They will recreate the world in their own image. They are replacing nature with ‘intelligent design’. They consider themselves to be the masters and creators. Their insanity is very evident today and people listen to these sick twisted monsters.


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