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Riding an impressive hallucination that they might bypass an eternity spent in one of the Circles of Hell, the psychofuck’s masquerading as vermin dressed in sartorial disappointments no longer hide their disdain of the unwashed, and are marching onward with their final stage of ‘let’s go all in with our final fuck-up of the world AND tell them we’re doing it.’

Caitlin Johnstone: US officials admit they’re literally just lying to the public about Russia – via

From spreading no-evidence claims to outright lying, all is fair to ‘get inside Putin’s head’, apparently

For those who have practiced any kind of critical thinking, this should come as no surprise.  Gulf of Tonkin, weapons of mass destruction, JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations, 9/11, to note the bigger deceptions, and then maybe the greatest scam and batch of all lies, the one we dearly love, the cornholio scamdemic. How else to get the unwashed to acquiesce to experimental chemical goo injected into their bodies to ward off a virus (If there’s even such a thing) that if even infected, has a 99%+ recovery rate, without a bag full of falsities.  Happy times!

But bejesus! There’s another frickin’ war, and dammit, the U.S. has some ass-kicking to do. 

Well, ass-kicking of its’ own citizens with economic shitfuckery heaped upon them by the same government assclowns who’ve managed to get the masses to wear face diapers, inject their bodies with toxic shyte and repel friends and family with their cornholio crucifixes. 

And yet, their war shenanigans ain’t doing jack to Putin and the gang.

Putin Will Collect a $321 Billion Windfall Partially Thanks to Sanctions – via

Half-assed sanctions by the US and EU help drive up the cost of oil and natural gas. The oil producers, including Russia, are the beneficiaries.


Bloomberg reports Putin May Collect $321 Billion Windfall If Oil and Gas Keep Flowing

For all the hardships visited on consumers at home and the financial chokehold put on the government from abroad, Bloomberg Economics expects Russia will earn nearly $321 billion from energy exports this year, an increase of more than a third from 2021. It’s also on track for a record current-account surplus that the Institute of International Finance says may reach as high as $240 billion.

“The single biggest driver of Russia’s current account surplus continues to look solid,” IIF economists led by Robin Brooks said in a report. “With current sanctions in place, substantial inflows of hard currency into Russia look set to continue.”

Ah, but there are things you shouldn’t know about, yeah?  Makes living with one’s head up their arse more comfortable.

Protests, Looting, Pets Destroyed and Mass Suicides in Shanghai China as People Starve During Lockdowns – via

And keep your eyes closed:

Over 4000 Women have now lost their baby due to the Covid vaccine in the USA; this is a 16,633% increase on the number of Fetus deaths caused by the Flu Jabs since 1990 – via

“As animals go, even in so limited a space as our world, man is botched and ridiculous. Few other brutes are so stupid, so docile or so cowardly.” ― H.L. Mencken


Tonight’s musical offering:

Count Basie – ‘Corner Pocket’ – Stockholm,1962

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

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