‘A Sieve Through Which Everything Runs’

The talent drain of common sense, decency and goodwill toward one’s fellow earth traveler was completed probably around the time when Enoch roamed these confines during the Genesis era. Since then, it has been one psychofuck after another, leading the unwashed to self destruction generation after generation.  No matter that savior, mystic, saint, true geniuses of all kinds were sent from the heavens to show the lolcows there was better way than wallowing in the house of pain and suffering, each generation became just a bit more woke than the previous one, to the point where today, we have clowns salivating over WWIII.

from Information Liberation:

MSNBC host Ali Velshi on Sunday invoked the Holocaust to demand the US kick off World War III by launching “direct military involvement” in Ukraine.

Velshi called for the US to enter the war in response to atrocity propaganda from the Ukrainian government which has been caught pushing lie after lie after lie to lobby for NATO intervention and forced all men aged 18-60 to take up arms and become enemy combatants

Always somebody else’s children who are called to sacrifice their lives so that the military industrial complex can continue raking in billions, and clowns like this guy can have a job to ‘report’ on the horseshit these monsters create.


None of what the Ukrainian government is claiming took place has been proven but that isn’t stopping our controlled media from demanding World War III.

MSNBC and Fox News are now both united in directly lobbying for World War III.

As Sean Hannity said last week, we mustn’t “cower in fear” over the prospect of a global nuclear holocaust triggered by “mutually assured destruction!”  (full article here)

richie and pam

Some of the real geniuses of our times, whether they be doctors, economists, lawyers, professors, writers or whistleblowers, are kept from the eyes and ears of most of humanity. One must be inquisitive enough, and maybe more importantly, love the truth enough to find them.  If you’re one of those lovers of truth, you may find them interviewed at planetlockdownfilm.com

“How many people there are who are never lastingly influenced by great works of art, or by delight in beautiful landscapes, or by contact with great personalities. The momentary impression may be strong, but it strikes no deep root in them; it is not firmly held in their superactual life but disappears as soon as another impression makes its appearance. These men are like a sieve through which everything runs. Though they can be good, kindly, and honest, they cleave to a childish, unconscious position; they have no depth. They elude one’s grasp, they are incapable of having deep relationships with other people because they are capable of no permanent relationship with anything.”  Dietrich von Hildebrand – The Art of Living

The first of the following two videos will appeal probably only to a few who appreciate fine clothes and tailoring. The second to those who enjoy eating!

But no matter what one’s tastes are, no mater where their talents lie; whether they be a tailor, a chef, a teacher, a farmer, a rancher, a musician, an herbalist, an office worker, a self-taught anything, a writer, poet, doctor, or just someone like this shitposting writer who appreciates all of the above and more, remember the first rate assclowns all boned about getting a nuclear war started, have no qualms with eliminating all of us, without a care.


Men’s style: A visit with John Hitchcock (7 minutes)


[Paris Café] We tested Café Lignac for breakfast and lunch🌸 Spring and the Eiffel Tower🌸  (16 minutes)


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) –  ‘A Man’s Castle’ – Michel Legrand, Composer

Photo by Mr.Autthaporn Pradidpong on Unsplash




  1. Speaking of Lasting art (if not for them, the entire catalog of popular music from 60s to 90s woulda been “radio friendly” and non-improvisational schmaltz performed by people who never learned a scale…and never wrote an entire diatribe within parantheses…) … Gimme Jerry Garcia in a 6 year old washed out black T-shirt anyday. They’re all gonna look like that when we usher in the new borg world with zero knowledge of the past.

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