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The gods of destruction and insanity are keenly aware that in this present era of SUCK, dipshit’s and psychofuck’s can open their mouths, words fall out, and the unwashed will dutifully step in line with the latest squirrels-in-the-attic thinking.

Men Asked If They Are PREGNANT Before Hospital Scans – via

Men with cancer and those having MRI scans and x-rays are being asked if they are pregnant beforehand. The UK Government removed the word “female” from the law governing the medical procedures and replaced it with “individuals.”

From The Telegraph:

Medics are required to find out if a patient could be pregnant before carrying out procedures involving radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine because of the risk it poses to any unborn child.

The Department of Health updated the regulations regarding the procedures in 2017 and changed the wording surrounding those who should be questioned from “females of childbearing age” to “individuals of childbearing potential”.

more from Richie:

File this one under you just couldn’t make it up.

If you’d told me when I started in radio, that one day in the future I’d be reporting on such lunacy as men being asked if they are pregnant before being x-rayed, I’d have told you to feck off.

It’s surreal to read a newspaper article in which a nurse is quoted as saying:

“We do not need to ask all patients if they are pregnant. We need to ask females.”

So said Kat Barber, of the campaign group Sex Not Gender Nurses and Midwives.

Kat better watch herself. In some schools, that could be construed as hate speech.




“You can always tell employees of the government by the total vacancy which occupies the space where most other people have faces.” ― John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces


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