Peak Insanity Continues

The ‘esca-loser’ to Hell was closed for the day allowing bullshit artists to continue to spew out scripts from the gods of fuckery. 

The onslaught of donkey dung was impressive, in a schizophrenic kind of way, which is good as this is what the unwashed enjoy guzzling each day.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday said the U.S. stands ready to rapidly deploy new vaccines in the event another Covid variant emerges, while reassuring Americans the U.S. is moving toward normalcy after two years of disruption caused by the virus.

“I cannot promise a new variant won’t come, but I can promise you we’ll do everything within our power to be ready if it does,” Biden said during his first State of the Union speech Tuesday evening. “If necessary, we’ll be able to deploy new vaccines within 100 days instead of many more months or years,” the president said.  via

Disruption caused by the virus?  How about disruptions caused by government anal intruders. And pokes of poison deployed within 100 days of the next cornholio – more of this shit is needed?

Pfizer Admits its Vaccine Ineffective in Children 5 to 11 but Not One Single Governor Stops Injecting Children – via

Oh dear! Peak shitfuckery continues, and the swelling of souls in the Circles of Hell is assured.

Meanwhile, as we wait for the mushroom cloud to appear on the horizon that media arseholes seem to be having wet dreams about, there was a time when we had gentlemen who had wishes like this:

“Most important to me is love and admiration of my family. I love to see it in their eyes and feel it in their hugs. If I’m to be remembered by my family and friends, then let it be as someone who didn’t rock the boat, who did moderately well at his craft, and was polite to his fellow man.” – Cary Grant

And current times where we have wishes from derangement’s like this:

Sean Hannity proposes NATO fighter jets bomb Russian convoy “and then nobody takes credit for it, so then Putin won’t know who to hit” — Brendan Karet (@bad_takes) March 2, 2022

Oh well…it’s not like we didn’t have an opportunity to stand against these psychofucks:


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven: Klavierkonzert No. 1 ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Louis Schwizgebel ∙ Ben Gernon

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash


  1. amazing how quickly the covid campaign war on humanity ended the moment the putin man supposedly invaded ukraine. i say supposedly because if the media is involved…and it is…then it is another lie and hooax. that being said….Putin should be given an award for ending covid with a single blow and ended it in 48 hours! amazing how that works….the media turned their lie making machine towards russia and ukraine and every town and city is releasing its slaves and saying…okay we are done destroying your life…you can go and rebuild again!!

    covid always a hoax….the biggest lie ever spoon fed to the population of the world. now we have a staged war…that doesn’t exist outside the tv! it doesn’t exist at all most likely. another global government staged war created in a hollywood studio!

    already there are reports that the ”victims” are following scripts. bomb pictures are from war craft a video game and are not real. some are from prior wars in iraq footage! what a surprise. The media mind control machine hard at work.
    And the covid lie ends with barely a whisper!

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