Laughing at Pinheads


Endless shitty entertainment provided in the form of non-humans acting out their roles to create fuckery whenever and however possible is about the only form of entertainment to laugh at these days.

Current diversion offerings in the form of movies, sit-com’s, drama’s, mystery’s, and even sporting events leave one dry, itchy, pimply and swollen, not to mention the brain cells killed off by watching even just a few minutes of their drivel.

The administrators, politicians, media types and government ‘officials’, now this is where there is true humor gold.

Joe Biden Warns Russia Invasion Still Possible in Aggressive Speech Against Vladimir Putin – via

Biden acknowledged messaging from the Russian defense minister that they would send troops home from the border of Ukraine but said he remained skeptical.

“That would be good, but we have not yet verified that,” Biden said during a speech at the White House.

Holy smokes…some aggressive shit there!

“If Russia attacks Ukraine, it will be a war of choice or a war without cause or a reason.”

Oh dear…the aggressive talk is mounting.



“It’s about standing what we believe in and the future we want for our world.”

“I will not pretend this will be painless. There could be impact on our energy prices.”

“If we do not stand for freedom, where it is at risk today, we will certainly pay a steeper price tomorrow,” 


Jesus – what a tough guy!

Didn’t this assclown send his VP, the hyena-laughing irritant, Kamala Harris to Munich to deal with the ‘Ukrainian Crisis?  Yes, he did

But one never quite knows what Uncle Joe is saying or thinking…and unsurprisingly, neither does he:


Russia Announces Withdrawal of Troops Near Ukraine as Drills Conclude – via

The Russian Defense Ministry said the troops are returning to their permanent bases as drills conclude

Amid the hype around a potential Russian invasion, Moscow announced Tuesday that it is withdrawing troops from areas near Ukraine as military drills in the region conclude.

Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for Russia’s Defense Ministry, said troops in Russia’s southern and western military districts have concluded drills and “have already begun loading onto rail and road transport and will begin moving to their military garrisons today.”

The Russian announcement shows just how far off US government statements and Western media reports have been about the situation around Ukraine. On Monday, CBS cited an unnamed US official who said Russian troops were moving into “attack positions.”

The US has been claiming Russia is preparing to invade since November. Moscow has repeatedly denied the accusation, and even Ukrainian officials have been downplaying the threat.

Well, whether these jackals are spouting off about the benefits of face diapers, the miraculous benefits of experimental chemical goo injected into arms, or breathlessly telling the world that war is nearly, quite possibly, could be, or just maybe is right around the corner, laughing at these dickheads never hurts.

Steve McQueen, in The Thomas Crown Affair – the original and not the crappy remake – shows us how to laugh at idiots and pinheads, even if we haven’t pulled off a successful bank heist as he did:


Tonight’s musical offering:

Dukas: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (New York Philharmonic, 1992)

Photo by @ Langston on Unsplash

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