Obedience to Madness

The dolts and hammerheads are a sinking ship and we are merely witnesses as the passengers drown in the sea below. 

Look at this shiny new old idea that has been tried many times before, most recently, as the unwashed segregated themselves deeper into the asylum of the insane by not only believing in the Trump clot shot, but allowing themselves to be injected with chemical goo that  government demons said was 100% efficacious at warding off the mighty cornholio and its subcontracting viruses…until it wasn’t.

But fret not, the unwashed’s simplicity and obedience to insanity continues to be rewarded by government eggheads reaching into history’s bag of shit and promoting a past stunning achievement of madness:

Illinois Democrat Rep. Calls for “Quarantine To Observe” Those Refusing Vaccines – via zerohedge.com and  IllinoisReview.com,

Villa Park State Rep. Deb Conroy (Democrat) wants to “isolate or quarantine persons who are unable or unwilling to receive vaccines, medications, or other treatments.”

HB 4640 is scheduled to be heard in the Illinois House Human Services Committee February 2 at 9:00 AM. 

If HB 4640 were to become law, persons exposed to an infectious disease could be placed under Public Health Department observation, only possible in a contained atmosphere with Department watch guards, some suggest such as a concentration camp

But psychofuckery isn’t to be found only in this Illinois nutjob, let’s skip across the pond to see how dickheads over there enjoy kicking innocents in the crotch:

High Court Judge decides Parents do not need to know number of kids who’ve died due to the Covid-19 Vaccine because they’re too stupid to understand the data – via dailyexpose.uk

A mother, identified only as EF, had asked the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) to release the data so that parents can make an informed decision about having their child vaccinated.  After the ONS refused, EF took legal action to force it to reveal the numbers, and she has been supported in her campaign by TV presenter Beverley Turner, who helped raise £100,000 to pay legal costs.

But Mr Justice Jonathan Swift denied the application, arguing that parents did not have the ability to properly interpret the data.  “Correlation does not equal causation, and the ONS information is not necessary to decide that claim.”

EF, who has two daughters aged 13 and 16, and so are eligible to have the Covid vaccine. said: “None of them want to take the vaccine.  We have no information.  They can’t tell us if the jabs cause cancer or blindness and until we know, how can we make a properly informed decision?”

After reviewing the safety data, the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation had recommended against vaccinating children and young adolescents but had been over-ruled by the UK’s four chief medical officers.

According to the UK’s Yellow Card system—a voluntary scheme where doctors log suspected drug and vaccine side effects—there had been 2,546 reports of adverse reactions among the under-18s up to December 22nd last.  It is estimated the scheme captures just 10 percent of adverse reactions and side effects.

Thank God, though, that we have such demons looking out for us…after all, it’s an EMERGENCY, right?

From the Office for National Statistics in the UKons.gov.uk

You asked

​Please supply deaths caused solely by covid 19, where covid is the only cause of death listed on the death certificate, broken down by age group and gender between feb 2020 up to and including dec 2021.

Please supply the number of autopsies carried out on those where covid was the only cause stated.

We said

Thank you for your enquiry.

We have provided analysis on COVID-19 as the only cause of death by age and sex in England and Wales for your requested time period.


Just keep repeating the following, listen to these dickheads, and all will be fine:


Tonight’s musical offering:

Sergei Prokofiev – Symphony No. 1 in D major, – 4. Finale: Molto vivace

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