Walking the Plank

Walking the plank could be the next sought-after endeavor, given the past 2 years, and what’s to come in this exciting new year of virus mania.

Tethered to the incantations of shitfuckery from blockheads, dolts and dunces in government and corporate jive, a daily smorgasbord of folly and frenzy is ever present for the unwashed to slop up, or lather themselves with, depending on whatever peculiar proclivities or perversions they’ve perfected after months of succumbing to mind-numbing propaganda from arseholes.

University finds novel, 1984, ‘offensive and upsetting‘ – via rt.com

The University of Northampton has issued a harsh warning over potentially “offensive and upsetting” material contained in the famous dystopia by George Orwell, ‘1984.’

The novel, which describes the dangers of totalitarian rule and censorship, is now red-flagged, as it addresses “challenging issues related to violence, gender, sexuality, class, race, abuses, sexual abuse, political ideas and offensive language.”

Wait….wuuuut?  You mean all the shit that’s been produced and promoted as art, entertainment, music, fashion, intellectualism, proper thought, taste and good eating for the past hundred years or so was fine and dandy but now, if you take on these shysters’ wet dreams of tyranny and totalitarianism, it’s ‘offensive and upsetting’?


Is there an explanation for the absolute stupidity of most folks?  Glad you asked…there is:

And if another more ‘plankful’ example of good people allowing evil sub-mediocrities to flourish for the past 2 years, take 2 minutes and listen to a student describe her experiences from the recommendations and mandates of madmen regarding the wearing of face diapers.

…and Jesus wept!

And yet…we are presented with today’s version of – be afraid, be very fucking afraid – from Yahoo.com, under the loving banner of ‘Dr. Fauci Said’ – geez, thanks Yahoo!

Dr. Fauci Said This is the Wild Card That Could Lead to a Worst Case Scenario – via yahoo.com

“The only wild card in all of this, which leads to the possibility of a worst case scenario is as we get down to that level, all of a sudden we get surprised by a new variant that actually has a greater degree of transmissibility and is also serious,” warned Dr. Fauci. “How can we mitigate against that? We have the tools now, some of which we didn’t have a short while ago, we certainly have terrific vaccines. And as we know, from the data from the CDC, just over this last few days, boosting individuals makes a major positive impact in protecting you against severe disease, even with Omicron. So you wanna make sure we get as many people vaccinated. Now that major numbers of tests are gonna be available to the tune of a half a billion soon and another half a billion thereafter, we’ve gotta integrate testing into that. So, you know, who is infected, who might be transmitting it to others? So a combination of vaccination, testing and putting important antiviral drugs, which we’re gonna get a lot more supply of, particularly drugs like Paxlovid, which are very, very effective in preventing the progression to severe disease. If we have all of those things in place, even with a new variant, we may be able to have that integration into some form of normality.”

Evidently, the lawn jockey isn’t familiar with other, quite unpleasant facts regarding the experimental chemical goo he’s so proud of:

The U.S. Government updated their Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database today (1/21/2022), and there have now been 1,053,830 cases of deaths and injuries reported to VAERS following COVID-19 experimental vaccines since they were given emergency use authorization in December of 2020. (Source.)

By way of contrast, there have been 914,393 cases of deaths and injuries reported to VAERS following all FDA-approved vaccines since VAERS started in 1990, through the end of November, 2020, the last month before the COVID-19 vaccines were authorized for emergency use. (Source.) – via healthimpactnews.com

Jesus, Mary and holy St. Joseph…we are better than this…yeah? Yet we continue to walk the plank for these demons.
“Every time you comply, you get weaker,” said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a featured speaker at the “Defeat the Mandates” event. “Every time you say ‘yes,’ you’re getting pushed back to a weaker position.”

“The hill that you’re going to die on is the hill you’re on right now,” he said, “and they’re coming for our children.” – via lifesitenews.com


Tonight’s musical offering:

Arvo Pärt: ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’ – for Cello and Piano – Leonhard Roczek – Cello, Herbert Schuch – Piano


  1. never ending hell in the fauci ‘new normal’. That is if anyone survives his madness. interesting name for the drug. The PAXLOVID …just like the movie ‘Serenity’. The PAX created the Reavers! most just died. The rest turned mad. I would say The Faustian deal from Fauci will end the same way if he gets his way! just as mutated. just as dead.

    funny how it went from 2 week lock down to 2 years of masks, injections, and all the other madness they can dream up for the peasants to adhere to. Destroy everyone’s life and then every promise made to them was broken! Take an injection and you can have your life back they said! reality was testing continued, masks continued, loss of jobs continued. injections continued. it was supposed to be 1 injection that has turned into 4. The tests prove nothing because there is nothing to prove. What they test for is to see if a person has ever in their life had a common cold or flu! They don’t look for the DNA marker of covid because they have no DNA MARKER! never have had!! never identified. That is a fact. So what else are they looking for up the nose of people? DNA perhaps? so they can bag and tag and see if they want to organ harvest that person.

    Typical of the governments of the world. All promises to the peasant class tax payers is broken. All of them!! and yet the tax paying citizen slave continues to believe in them! They have never told the truth to the tax payer. not ever on anything and yet people line up to do the bidding of their chose master. one after the other all themselves to be abused, injected and medicated with no questions asked.

    Quite literally they submit to everything they are told and allow their soul to be sucked out of their body and handed off to anyone who asks for it. never ending hell on earth and that is indeed the new normal. it was created with their constant consent and obedience. Congratulations your now a Reaver! Genetically modified through mass injections. no longer human.

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  2. here is an additional clip from the movie ‘Serenity’ after they discovered that scientists had created the PAX that they put into the air processors. I am to misbehave. That is also my motto and has been from the beginning of this fake plandemic. worth the time to watch. that movie is excellent to. just what doctors do to people thinking they have the right to.

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