The Omni-Con Ramps Up

Experts agree that if demon lizards assuming human form no longer existed, life here on terra firma might be a bit closer to what God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who started this shindig intended it to be.

But hark! The ways of the gods of destruction, depression and decay have yet to be understood by mere mortals, and heavenly angels who might stop their destructive ways have been on extended holiday for centuries, leaving the unwashed with reptiles like this guy whom the corporate media shoves down the collectives’ throats…you remember him…


What fresh new shit is this lunatic peddling?

Bill Gates predicts omicron will cause ‘worst surge we have seen so far’ in spite of vaccines – via

So then, why continue with the injections of the mystery goo?

Not to worry, comrade, for this psychofuck dives into his lettuce patch of word salad shitfuckery for an explanation:

Bill Gates just warned that “we could be entering the worst part of the pandemic,” predicting that the spread of COVID-19’s omicron variant “will be the worst surge we have seen so far because it’s so infectious.”

Let’s see, what part of the ‘pandemic’ are we at? Part I some 18 months ago when these shysters told the world 2 weeks to flatten the curve for the original cornolio, Part II with the Delta variant that has flown the coup, or now, Part III of their stench, the super contagious Omni-Con variant?

Despite the assertion by the South African doctor who identified the omicron variant that it causes “extremely mild” symptoms, Gates is expressing uncertainty as to how severe the omicron variant is. The reports of mild omicron  symptoms are consistent with the normal development of viruses, known to become less dangerous as they become more transmissible.

Precisely! But Gates hasn’t a fucking clue of real science and viruses. His is his usual money-making scheme.

“The big unknown is how sick omicron makes you. We need to take it seriously until we know more about it. Even if it’s only half as severe as delta, it will be the worst surge we have seen so far because it’s so infectious,” Gates wrote  on Twitter

The omicron variant is so infectious, Gates said, that it is “spreading faster than any virus in history,” and “will soon be in every country in the world.” He is depicting the virus as an obstacle to getting “back to normal,” highlighting his own response to the omicron variant.

Gates further insisted that we have to “look out for each other” by “wearing masks, avoiding big indoor gatherings, and getting vaccinated” with a booster shot for the “best protection.”

Gates admitted, however, that “there will be more breakthrough cases in people who are v[axxed],” without citing those who receive booster shots as an exception to this occurrence.

According to Gates, an increased breakthrough of transmission among the vaccinated is “purely a factor of how many people are v[axxed] and how fast this variant is spreading.” Instead of preventing transmission, he insisted that “vaccines are designed to prevent people from getting seriously ill or dying & are doing that well.”

Wuuuut?  Really?

34,337 Deaths, 3,120,439 Injuries Following Covid Shots in European Database as UK Public Data Show 35 Deaths, 213 Hospitalizations Among Booster Triple Vaccinated – via

The European (EEA and non-EEA countries) database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, verified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and they are now reporting 32,649 fatalities, and 3,003,296 injuries following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots:

But the Omni-Con is ‘spreading faster than any virus in history’.  Prove it, dickhead.

Back to Gates and his scams:

Gates has long been open about the fact that the promotion of vaccines is one of his main interests, and he has put his money where his mouth is.

In January 2019, Bill Gates said the $10 billion he gave to GAVI, to the Global Fund, and to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative — all of which aim to expand access to vaccines and medicines to people across the globe — were “the best investments” that he and his wife “made in the past 20 years.” That $10 billion is a huge chunk of the almost $50 billion he and his wife have given to “charitable causes” over the course of his life.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wrote in his new book “Vax-Unvax” that “Gates’ vaccine obsession has diverted WHO’s giving from poverty alleviation, nutrition, and clean water to make vaccine uptake its preeminent public health metric. And Gates is not afraid to throw his weight around.” – via

This assclown and all the other assclowns’ vaccine obsession is working out well.  Behold!

Ultra-VAXXED and ‘Boostered’ Uk Seeing QUADRUPLE the Covid Cases They Had Before Anyone was ‘Vaccinated” – via

Maybe Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and all the choirs of angels aren’t really on extended holiday. Maybe they’re waiting for humans to give enough of a shit about their own and stand up to these demons before waging war for the freedom from tyrants the willful ignorant don’t know of, or if they do, don’t care about.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mykola Leontovych: “Carol of the Bells” (Ukranian Bell Carol)

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