In These Demons’ Pouches

As the gods of dismay, delusion and drudgery gather together their forces of depression to heap upon all who cup their ear in anticipation of hearing the droppings from their anus cavities, the unwashed look to their hand-held radiation devices and as is meant to be, are bewildered and confused, with one eye spinning clockwise and the other spinning counter-clockwise from reading their latest bullshit:

That’s right boys and girls and all others, the bag of goodies in these demons’ pouches wasn’t just one Trump clot shot. Screw that.

They’ve had booster upon booster planned for you good little obedient slaves to inject into your bodies all along.  Your body, their choice…yeah?

And thank God, for their chemical goo has worked out so fucking well:

CDC Pushes 3rd Shot for Teens, as Number of Deaths Reported to VAERS after Covid Vaccines Nears 20,000 – via

VAERS data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 946,463 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 19,886 deaths and 150,946 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 3, 2021.

paulette-vautour-0pfuwRUvUYQ-unsplash (2)

Come on…what’s with you, man?  The clot shots are good…yeah?

COVID pandemic: The 11 biggest lies – by Steve Kirsch – via

Here is my list:

  1. The vaccines are safe and effective. Ignore the 300,000 deaths in the VAERS system. Ignore the fact that we can show eight different ways that hundreds of thousands have been killed by the vaccine. Ignore the fact that some doctors report a 20,000 times increase in VAERS events this year. Since we’ll take away their license if they speak out, the public will be kept in the dark on this.
  2. Masks work. Ignore what the randomized trials say (which prove masks do absolutely nothing). We say it works, so it works. Get it? It’s all about belief, not science.
  3. The vaccines are the only way out. Ignore experts like Geert Vanden Bossche who says otherwise. Even though he’s predicted everything that has happened, it doesn’t mean we should listen to him. We need to keep listening to the experts who keep telling us things that are not true.
  4. Vaccine mandates are necessary. Ignore the fact that in Gibraltar, there is a 118% vaccination rate and the cases are so high, they had to cancel Christmas. Look, just because 100% vaccination rate doesn’t work there, it doesn’t mean it won’t work here. Note: if the vaccines worked as claimed, mandates, which are to protect the vaccinated, would not be necessary.
  5. Do whatever the authorities (CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO) tell you to do without question. They must never be held accountable by asking them questions that they don’t want to answer; that would be way too embarrassing.
  6. Trust your doctor. If they tell you to get the shot, do what they say. They know best, even if they haven’t actually looked at any of the underlying data themselves.
  7. Early treatments using repurposed drugs don’t work. Ignore all the doctors who have thousands of patients with just a few minor hospitalization. They aren’t lying about that and we can’t explain why their results are so good, but trust us… you need to ignore that. And ignore the peer-reviewed systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Those used to be the highest level of evidence-based medicine, but we need to ignore that. Expert opinion of the NIH is the only thing that matters. They are totally on top of it like with fluvoxamine where they ignore the Phase 3 data and the opinion of key opinion leaders. Ignore the fact that they never do any risk-benefit analyses for any of these drugs. Trust them. They are the experts.
  8. Full liability protection is necessary for the drug companies. This should be obvious; we all know these vaccines are killing hundreds of thousand of people and disabling many more. If the drug companies were held accountable, they’d be out of business and this huge transfer of wealth would cease. We can’t allow that to happen.
  9. Nobody has died from the mRNA vaccines. Ignore the fact that one of the world’s top pathologists, Dr. Peter Schirmacher, did a study on just 40 patients who died after vaccination, and found the CDC is lying. Ignore the fact that Dr. Shirmacher’s results were replicated by other top pathologists. Ignore the fact that nobody can show how those studies were wrong. We need everyone to believe the vaccines are safe, otherwise the whole game falls apart.
  10. Dissenting views must be silenced. The public must only be allowed to hear one side of the story — from the authorities—otherwise the whole narrative falls apart. This is why there will never be any debates between the two sides. Get it?
  11. The Nuremberg code doesn’t apply to us. Sure, we know about over 9,000 events in VAERS that are strongly elevated after these vaccines. But since the Nuremberg code doesn’t apply to us (because we said so), we are not obligated to disclose this to the public. If we did that, they wouldn’t take the vaccine.

There are other excellent suggestions for this list in the comments below. These were just my favorite top 11 lies.

For the science that disputes all the claims, check out the slide decks in my resources article.

Let’s see. This shitposting writer has spent the past 14 days or so suffering from the flu, or in today’s vernacular, the cornholio.

How in the hell has this 66 year old fart, with a few other immune system issues, survive and able to add yet another shitposting article to this waste of a website this Saturday night without injections of big pharma battery acid?

God’s pharmacy, and a healthy dose of common sense  – take of that what you will.

Or don’t.

Continue to believe that all is good and those who have suffered adverse, and even life ending events from these shysters’ shots, those being the fittest of all of us….well, it’s all cool and normal.

Over a 60X increase in pro sports adverse events since the vaccines rolled out – via

UPDATE 12/11/21:

Here’s the best death tracker (305 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 176 Dead, After COVID Shot)

But hey…it’s all good.  For these mother-fucking demons want 75 years to release their vaccine documents.

Hey, Pfizer dickheads…why the big secret?

FDA Now Wants 75 Years to Release Pfizer Vaccine Documents

“ … it is dystopian for the government to give Pfizer billions, mandate Americans to take its product, prohibit Americans from suing for harms, but yet refuse to let Americans see the data underlying its licensure.” – via

Folks…there are the chumps of the everyday, those who swallow the daily mounds of horseshit from corporate media, and then there are chumps who believe in this avalanche of pure shitfuckery from medical tyrants and charlatans.

For now…your body…your choice.  For now!


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Jive Aces present: ‘Walking In A Winter Wonderland’ – (Christmas, Dean Martin Cover)

Photo by Paulette Vautour on Unsplash


  1. excellent post Decker. I too have maintained my natural immune system unpoisoned by injections…so far…I couldn’t agree with you more. what more is there to say.? I went shopping yesterday for a few presents for my family. I say few because another bonus of the covid cult campaign is the destruction of the supplies we used to take for granted.

    Little things like ‘gloves’ that are not work related. just plain leather driving gloves….can’t be found….food stuffs in short supply. meat packages are 1/3 of the size they used to be.. cereal boxes mostly empty. just smaller and smaller boxes and what is inside is mostly air and cardboard box….the insides are 1/3 or less cereal to 2/3 plastic bag and box. most shelves are empty or face fronted as in 1 item up front nothing behind it. one of the many bonuses of the ‘reset’. I believe their intention is to stop all production which they have done. Sell only what has been left in the warehouses….they had stocks of 2-3 years and now that stock is disappearing rapidly. Even little things like engine oil, filters, air filters, gone. The store said they haven’t had it for 2 months. The tractor oils we use that is.

    inject the population or most of them. shut off all food, all factories. all production. make it look like there is just a ‘chip’ shortage. or ‘container’ shortage. more lies from the paid liars. The injected former humans….(they are altered genetically after the 1st injection so they are no longer human. they are a hybrid. GMO something. whatever they now are. ) the kill shot takes people out in batches. they don’t want huge numbers to die at once that would be obvious. make it look like a ‘variant’. a ‘mutant’. a new and improved virus is out to find us all !! yeah…except that is a cover for those dying by lethal gene therapy called injections. perfect cover for the sickness, the maiming, the permanent damage done to people.

    so kill off the people in waves…ensure the supplies of the world run out at the same time. the great reset. nothing left for goods and service. no people left to need them. they don’t care of things run out because they intend no one to need them. the people driving it are secured in their goods and the ability to make more. the rest of the peasant classes will own nothing and be happy about it…yeah…dead is happy according to the creed of the tyrants of the world.

    The propaganda campaign has worked beautifully. very few people in masks (oxygen depriving face diapers) but the employees all were and i have to say they look like freaks and i said so….what the hell are you in that diaper for the mouth? cuts your oxygen by 40% or more….Saw a huge guy….tall and fat ….who wore a homemade one with goggles….i laughed at him….i couldn’t help it he looked like a bug….bulging eyes…a huge muscle bound, fat bound blob in a black mask with black goggles….freak! no longer human….that was my thought. Gave it up willingly he did.

    the end of the world as we knew it has already occurred. it came march 11 2020….the end of the world such as it was…can’t say it was a good world worth replacing. it was taxed to death, controlled, restricted, regulated before the covid cult came into power. it is the same now except they don’t even have to pretend people have freedom. none left. they took it all. every drop of liberty left to people. even took their blood. destroyed their blood, their immune system, took ownership of the bodies of the living dead. those injected masses. 6.5 billion at last count. The END that people feared came without a fight. it came with a whimper.

    With an end comes a new beginning. let us hope that the new beginning, those ruling the world hope for, does not come to pass as it won’t be worth living for if it does succeed! what they have in mind for people, the whole planet really is total destruction. it is amazing it was so easy for them to do. with almost no resistance. a few people are resisting now. but it is a little late. way late. if ever they fall. the elite, the rulers. let us hope that their power, their control their ruler-ship never comes again! time for a new beginning that doesn’t include those who created this dark world! hopefully it will be a whole new thing. something that has not yet occurred on this planet. don’t know what that will look like as no one has ever lived that freedom. not on this world. i hope one day to witness it. a new beginning. without their version of a new order of hell. Without their great reset which means reprogramming the human body, the worlds eco system to suit them and their madness. that is a new world order that needs to die and never come again!

    Thanks for letting me have a bit of a rant Decker!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Highlander. Always appreciate what you have to say. It is…well, I find I can’t even dream up a word for it all anymore. And my foul language doesn’t even suffice to describe all this evil

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i still read your rant every day and say …YEPPERS exactly how i feel about it. you do an excellent job of putting it into words….you speak to me if no one else!!! and i am total agreement….it is insane and tough to believe it still goes on…it will end if these bastards get their utopia…their new world order and get reset…the reset means no one left that they don’t control or need the Georgia Guidestones are their goal post…how far are they with that do you think?

        it also shows how good their mind control is….the brain washed majority doing the goose-step to madness…and doing it willingly. what happened to independence of spirit. what happened to the ability to think with logical instead of sound bites? what happened that made people believe in the doctor mengele’s of the day? to do no thinking for themselves. not a bit. operating like a hive mind. i cannot and will not join them. i know you won’t either.

        Thank you for your blog and continuing to post…my spot of sanity in an insane world…i am very grateful for your blog

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you again, Highlander. We must stick together, if even it’s through just the written word. You bring up the Guidestones. I’m not sure how far they are with that. max igan, a long time ago, questioned the population number of the entire world. Maybe yet another lie they’ve been feeding us. That’s always stuck with me….just what is the real number of the population of the world. Anyway, thank you again for sharing your thoughts – always appreciated. Cheers!


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