They… are the Virus


There’s much to be thankful for as this day of thanksgiving comes to a close. 

We have dolts, morons, shysters, idiots… and of course, psychofucks littering the highways and byways, dictating whatever idiocy and shitfuckery their maggot-filled minds might come up with each day.

California county imposes mask mandate inside private homes regardless of vaccination status – via

Oh dear!

SANTA CRUZ, California (LifeSiteNews) – A California county has imposed a mask mandate for all indoor gatherings regardless of vaccination status, including those in private homes.

On Monday, Santa Cruz County announced that, effective Sunday, wearing masks will be required in all indoor settings where people from more than one household are present, including gatherings in private homes. 

“What it looks like to the public is that we’re going back and forth and can’t make up our minds. What it really is, [is] science evolving as we speak,” said Dr. David Ghilarducci, the county’s Deputy Health Officer, in the announcement. 

Yes, dickhead…that’s EXACTLY what it looks like – believers in the cult going back and forth and unable to make up their minds.

And who would have thunk it. Science ‘evolving’ as these shyters speak.  What will the ‘science’ be tomorrow? Stay tuned, for tomorrow, and the tomorrow’s to follow, these dickheads will throw their darts against their dartboards while sitting on the commode and come up with more mind-numbing shit they dictate you must follow. 

No matter that these non-humans told the world a year ago that just a poke of the glorious Trump, ‘operation warp speed’, clot shot was all that was needed to protect ALL from the mighty cornholio – that shyte is so 1990’s now, and the truly woke will follow whatever outhouse droppings these dipshits shit out. Double vaxxed, boosters and more vials of chemical goo injected – thank God the masses continue to believe. How else could Big Pharma continue to reap billions in profits?

Portugal reimposes rules as COVID-19 cases rise – via

LISBON, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Portugal, which has one of the world’s highest rates of vaccination against COVID-19, announced it would reimpose restrictions to stop a surge in cases, ordering all passengers flying into the country to show a negative test certificate on arrival.

“It doesn’t matter how successful the vaccination was, we must be aware we are entering a phase of greater risk,” Prime Minister Antonio Costa told a news conference on Thursday.


Your fucking vaccination is NOT successful, you fucking dolt.  If it were, why are you reimposing….anything?


Screw these demons!

Headphones on and volume at maximum to enjoy just a bit of the heavenly.

Saint-Saëns – Symphony No 3 in C minor, Op 78, “Organ”, 4th Movement


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