A Preview of What’s Coming to Your Neighborhood

God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins who started this wonder, turned shit-show by psychofucks, evidently didn’t fathom that their gift given with supreme love to homo sapiens would be turned into a nightmare that even the demons couldn’t imagine.

Austria enforces Lockdown, Only for the Unvaccinated – Can Only Leave House for Food, Work, and to get Covid Jab – via theexpose.uk

Fucking fantastic, right?  Show these unclean arseholes that the State means business. It’s a goddamn pandemic, yeah? Dead bodies are littering the streets. (No, they aren’t)

Through restrictions that were enforced yesterday, the unvaccinated in Austria will only be allowed to leave their homes for reasons considered essential to life, such as going to work, food shopping, or visiting the doctor – or getting vaccinated.

There will be random checks to ensure compliance, which has been compared to “traffic controls.” Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein said the government would also introduce a vaccine requirement for people working in the health care industry.

The restrictions have been introduced as a response to advice from “medical experts.” German and Austrian officials met over the weekend to approve the plans, which could then be enforced elsewhere, with spot checks being used to ensure the unvaccinated comply.

Alexander Schallenberg, the chancellor, said: “Unvaccinated people will only be allowed to leave their flats to go to work, for food shopping or when they need to stretch their legs.”

He also said that these measures depended on the “common sense” of people, as it is difficult to ensure that everyone complies with the restrictions. “We don’t live in a police state and are not able – and nor do we want – to control every street corner.”

“We don’t live in a police state”….?????

But it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated, so the mainstream media rats tell us.  Run to the hills.

Everyone missed this one…vaccinated people are up to 9X more likely to be hospitalized than unvaccinated people – via steveskirsch.substack.com

It is hard to get good, honest data out of hospitals nowadays for some reason. I have no clue as to why that is. You’d think things would be more transparent.

But Aaron Siri discovered someone who convinced their hospital to do something really unusual: track the vaccination status of each admitted patient to the hospital. Tracking was based on whether you got the vaccine or not, not “two weeks after you got the vaccine” which is a major definition difference. In short, honest tracking.

You’ll never guess what happened so I’ll tell you.

Siri wrote on his substack:

A concerned Physician Assistant, Deborah Conrad, convinced her hospital to carefully track the Covid-19 vaccination status of every patient admitted to her hospital.  The result is shocking.

As Ms. Conrad has detailed, her hospital serves a community in which less than 50% of the individuals were vaccinated for Covid-19 but yet, during the same time period, approximately 90% of the individuals admitted to her hospital were documented to have received this vaccine.

These patients were admitted for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to COVID-19 infections.  Even more troubling is that there were many individuals who were young, many who presented with unusual or unexpected health events, and many who were admitted months after vaccination.

As you might expect, the hospital rewarded Deborah Conrad for her courage and leadership to expose the truth by firing her (read more)


It’s now a race to the bottom, yeah?

Whatever insanity is barfed up each day by these demons…the masses follows.

The Most Vaccinated Place in the World Just Cancelled Christmas – via richieallen.co.uk

Still think it’s all been about a virus? Think again. Gibraltar has just cancelled Christmas. Gibraltar is the most vaccinated place on Planet Earth. What kind of fuckery is this?

The Gibraltarian government has just announced that “official Christmas parties, official receptions and similar gatherings” have been canceled.

Health Minister Samantha Sacramento said this week:

“The drastic increase in the numbers of people testing positive for Covid-19 in recent days is a stark reminder that the virus is still very prevalent in our community and that it is the responsibility of us all to take every reasonable precaution to protect ourselves and our loved ones.”

I laughed so hard I nearly choked when I read that Gibraltar is 118 per cent fully-jabbed. Yes, read that back. How is that possible? Well, according to rt.com statisticians:

More than 118% of Gibraltar’s population are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, with this figure stretching beyond 100% due to doses given to Spaniards who cross the border to work or visit the territory every day. Gibraltar’s entire adult population has been fully vaccinated since March, and masks are still required in shops and on public transport. 

That is mind-bending for someone like me who struggled with basic maths in high school.

No-one dares to say it. Why are so many fully-jabbed coming down with covid? Why are the jabs not preventing transmission? What’s really going on?

I’m like patience on a monument over here, waiting for a mainstream reporter to break ranks and cry “bullshit.”

It’s the hope that kills you.

Are you getting the gist of it all…these motherfuckers are hellbent of the annihilation you and yours.

It’s the unvaxxed now…next it will be the overweight, the diabetic, mentally ill, the cancers – whoever these fuckers dictate poison jabs of whatever latest chemical goo they’ve concocted – you must partake.

“I’ve seen of enough of people who die for an idea. I don’t believe in heroism; I know it’s easy and I’ve learned it can be murderous. What interests me is living and dying for what one loves.” ― Albert Camus


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gloucester Cathedral Choir – “In the Bleak Midwinter”

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