We’ve lost count…2 jabs, a booster and now a fourth? Scamdemic Sh*tf**kery

Great news, boys and girls and all others!  If you weren’t satisfied with the first two pokes of chemical goo to ward off the mighty cornholio that has a 99% recovery rate, if even infected, well, that 3rd booster is now available, and grab your shorts and gird your loins, there will be a 4th booster available soon.

F-ing fantastic!

How much battery acid, antifreeze and vials of shyte can the human body take?  Appears we’re on the road to find out.

While most Americans who initially received two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines will be able to get a single booster shot when they are eligible, federal health guidelines will also allow a few million Americans with compromised immune systems to eventually get a fourth dose as early as next year. 

Back in August, the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorized and recommended an “additional” third shot for some “moderately and several immunocompromised” patients who were vaccinated with two doses of Moderna or Pfizer. 

Now some of those people will be eligible to receive a fourth shot — a “booster” six months after they received their third “additional” dose. – via cbsnews.com

So, the first two jabs of bat guano don’t really work.  The third, who knows….so let’s add in a fourth.

Cool and normal.

What that’s definition of insanity we often hear of – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?  Yeah, something like that. Or maybe, that one in a million chance.

Poke the bejesus out of EVERYONE. It’s humanity’s only hope…yeah?

Who fucking cares if businesses have been shuttered, children are forced to wear face diapers to attend school; regular, working folks are losing their livelihoods because they don’t take kindly to government dickheads mandating an experimental medical procedure injected into their bodies…just take the poke of toilet shit and we’ll all get back to ‘normal’…because the rollout of this poison is working out so goddamn well….

VAERS data released Friday by the CDC included a total of 818,044 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 17,128 deaths and 122,833 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Oct. 15, 2021. – via childrenshealthdefense.org

No wonder many now adhere to the Sherlock Holmes mantra:

And if you’re wondering how well it’s going in the heartland with these fuckers’ guidelines and mandates, take 14 minutes and listen to this:  It won’t just be the folks in Maine who will experience pain and suffering if needing medical assistance…think of you and your loved ones.

Maine RN Whistleblower: Vaccine Mandate Is Destroying Healthcare



Tonight’s musical offering:

The Long And Winding Road  – The Beatles – (Remastered 2009)

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