Escape From The Foolish, the Darkness and Winter of Despair From These Demons

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” – Charles Dickens – ‘A Tale of Two Cities’

Ah, but to have lived in those times when there was wisdom, belief, light and hope – if even a little.

Now, it is foolishness, incredulity, darkness and winters of despair – everywhere. But what more can be expected, living in the age of vaudeville, where clowns, buffoons and cut-outs rule the day.

It’s the age of the shake down, the age of snake oil salesmen, clamoring about the airwaves, promoting their latest chemical goo that works really well…right?

Despite Over 95% Vaxx’d, Harvard Business School Shifts Classes Online After “Substantial Outbreak” of Covid – via


Poets&Quants has learned that Harvard Business School (HBS) has moved its first-year and some second-year MBA students to remote learning after an outbreak of COVID.

“In recent days, we’ve seen a steady rise in breakthrough infections among our student population, despite high vaccination rates and frequent testing,” Mark Cautela, head of communications for HBS, told Poets&Quants.

“Contact tracers which have worked with positive cases highlight that transmission is not occurring in classrooms or other academic settings on campus. Nor is it occurring among masked individuals.” 

Two weeks to flatten the curve, miraculous vials of chemical goo to ward off the mysterious and mightly cornholio, lockdowns, face diapers, 6 feet distancing…and a host of other lies and bullshit in their handbags of chicanery – most of the unwashed have believed them all.

Is Harvard therefore implicitly admitting that vaccine effectiveness has waned to the point of total ineffectiveness?

Harvard has requested students to limit in-person interactions with others outside their household, move all group meetings online, and cancel group activities.

So, despite all the promises of a ‘return to normal’ if only everyone were vaccinated (which in this case they are), it appears elite higher education in 2021 is no different from elite higher education in 2020… and certainly not any cheaper.

What more can be said…

As I listen to the brilliant Richie Allen show each day, (and you might want to consider listening to him as well…it’s free – though we should financially support the efforts of these independent journalists) he had a naturopathic doctor on the second half of his podcast today.

She spoke to what fear does to our bodies, and at the end of the podcast, provided some simple, yet extraordinary breathing exercises to assist us.  I’ve tried them out….they work, as she describes.

The interview with Dr. Jessie Keener starts at the 1:04:42 mark of the podcast – her breathing exercises are detailed at approximately the 1:43:15 mark of the podcast

The Richie Allen Show – Thursday, September 30th

Or…you can continue to listen to psychofucks – like this:

Crazy Fauci Moves the Goalposts…Again – “Fully Vaccinated” Now Means 2 Shots, Plus One Booster – via

“Stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we were not always so much wrapped up in ourselves” – Albert Camus


Tonight’s musical offering:

Foggy Mountain Breakdown – Bluegrass Jam led by Sierra Hull & Po’ Ramblin’ Boys


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