Shilling Gone Bad – Their Jive Scamdemic Bullshit

Hey Mom, come quick, look! Dr. Death is at it again!

Anthony Fauci Warns of a ‘Dark, Bad Winter’ if More Don’t Get Vaccinated – via

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned this week that the U.S. could be in for a “dark, bad winter” if more people do not get vaccinated — an eerily similar sentiment he held last year. At the time, he said he was looking forward to Christmas in 2021.

“You know, if we don’t get people vaccinated who need to be vaccinated, and we get that conflating with an influenza season, we could have a dark, bad winter,” the White House medical adviser said during an appearance on The Takeout podcast, although he previewed a potential way out.

Wuuut? An appearance on The Takeout podcast?  A CBS original, that hardly anyone has heard of – riveting!

“We could also avoid a dark, bad winter if we get people vaccinated to a very high degree over the next several weeks to a month or two,” Fauci added.

Last November, Fauci held a similar position, warning of a bleak winter and explaining that he planned to forgo his traditional holiday plans because of fears of the virus.

“For my own family, I’m saying we had a really great Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. We’re looking forward to a really great Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2021,” he told USA Today at the time.

Fantastic!  Evidently the dark, bad winter, both last year and the upcoming one, didn’t and won’t be affecting the Italian lawn jockey.

Wait…this reminds this shitposting writer of something – of a creature and his love for his precious:

Yes…his ‘precious’ jabs of chemical goo.

But there’s more assclowns to highlight this Friday night:

‘The View’ Sent Into Chaos After Two Hosts Test Positive for Covid Mid-Show; Kamala Interview Upended – via

Friday’s episode of The View was a complete meltdown, after two hosts tested positive for Covid-19 mid-show, forcing producers to change Vice President Kamala Harris’ planned in-person visit into a virtual interview.

After the first commercial break, hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were asked to leave their seats – with co-host Joy Behar telling the audience that an explanation would be forthcoming. When Behar asked a producer if she could introduce the vice president, a producer instead sent the show into another break, according to People.

Following the break, Behar announced that the fully vaccinated Hostin and Navarro had both tested positive for Covid-19.

As The Federalist notes, “Just before the segment featuring Navarro and Hostin being led offstage, the panel opened the show complaining about the unvaccinated, with a chyron which read, “Experts: vaccinated not as likely to spread COVID.

Oh dear!

Evidently, researching anything outside the echo chamber of propaganda from the mainstream media, isn’t even thought of.  But why would it, these shills have professional shilling to do for their big pharma overlords – it’s where their over-bloated paychecks come from.

Outside their bubble of willful ignorance, there is the real that is happening, to many of our brethren:

More Evidence that They Know the Covid Vaccine Is Killing and Maiming People and Yet They Continue Their Death Program – via – paul craig roberts

Here is a doctor and chief RN in a US Department of Health & Human Services Hospital reporting that the official protocol is NOT to report adverse reactions to the vaccine, NOT to treat Covid patients with safe and effective Ivermectin, indeed, it is impermissible to do so and you are fired if you save lives with Ivermectin, and NOT to permit staff to refuse inoculation based on informed consent from seeing the deadly effects of the vaccine on patients.

In this video you can witness the doctor and nurses speaking about the evil of the Health & Human Services federal hospital intentionally killing people and preventing doctors and nurses from saving the lives of patients.  This is not happening from incompetence and lack of knowledge.  People are being systematically murdered, and Covid is being blamed.  All adverse vaccine reactions are blamed on Covid, not on the vaccine, and this lie is used to justify not reporting the adverse event.  You had better watch the brief video before it is taken down as “Covid disinformation.” It is a video of doctors and nurses on the front line discussing what they see and experience.

“All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful.” ― Flannery O’Connor, The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor
Tonight’s musical offering:
Sierra Hull – “Rawhide” (Bill Monroe) | BUS JAM

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