A cold shot – The Months of Their Jive

As we all know by now, Nature’s gift of an immune system given to us at birth had an expiration date of 2020.

Dickheads, psychofucks and corporate degenerates have seized upon the gods screw-up, concocting mystery serums to ward off…viruses. How the unwashed have warded off viruses from the beginning of time before theses demons’ experimental chemical goo – the masses have forgotten – lulled into a state of apathy and laziness, allowing charlatans and shysters to sell them snake oil as a means of health.

And if buying into their bag of shit means they’ll take your hard-earned money if you don’t….so be it.

Delta Air Lines will impose $200 surcharge on unvaccinated employees – via foxbusiness.com

Unvaccinated Delta Air Lines  employees who refuse to get inoculated against the coronavirus are going to pay the price.

Starting Nov. 1, unvaccinated employees on Delta’s account-based healthcare plan will get hit with a $200 monthly surcharge.  

Yes…nothing screams health like hitting your employees with a ‘surcharge’, deducted from your pay for a medical procedure you don’t want.

You don’t want the inoculation of experimental battery acid?  Get ready to pay, in the name of your health…and if not your health, then the health of others. It’s been the way of the ages…yes?

‘There is no product in human history that has ever created such a swathe of injuries to the public’: Doctors speak out against Covid jab risks – via lifesitenews.com

Dr. Jane Orient suggested people should think carefully about taking ‘a one in a million chance of having their heart destroyed or damaged to receive a vaccine for a condition that they would almost certainly survive.’

well worth the read in full

And it’s not just you…the adults in the room they have their sites on:

ALERT: All Children Ages 12 to 15 to be Injected with COVID-19 Shots in UK Schools With or Without Parental Consent – via healthimpactnews.com

Is there another way….yes!  There always is…

It starts with one standing against the tyranny, then the next, and the next, and the next.

It may start out small…

Social media platform Gab launches ‘No Vax Mandate Job Board’ – via lifesitenews.com

But it will grow.

And then this…

Doesn’t matter whether you’re retired, jobless, soon-to-be-jobless, or maybe just completely fucked…please, give a listen to the following:

Dr. David Martin – Activate Humanity Episode: 103 Deep Dive Wednesday


Tonight’s musical offering:

Stevie Ray Vaughan – ‘Cold Shot’


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