Liquid Lunches, Liquid Brains – the Months of Their Scamdemic

Maybe government dickheads were constipated and left the briefing early, backed up from digesting the most unpleasant of facts.

Or maybe the rabbit hole of lies, deceit and outhouse guano they fill and refill each day has got to be too much and they needed liquid lunches or dinners to drown their sense that as a human being, they are a total loss.

Their yellow brick road of more riches for them, and complete devastation for you, via a poke of chemical goo is starting to fall off the rails:

75% of Singapore’s recent Covid-19 cases reported in vaccinated people – via

According to government data, three-quarters of Singapore’s COVID-19 infections in the last four weeks occurred among vaccinated individuals, as the city state’s vaccination programme ramps up quickly, leaving fewer people unvaccinated.

According to a Reuters tracker, Singapore has already vaccinated nearly 75% of its 5.7 million people, the world’s second highest after the United Arab Emirates, and half of its population is fully vaccinated.

It reported 1,096 locally transmitted cases in the last 28 days, with 484, or 44 percent, being fully vaccinated, 30 percent being partially vaccinated, and the remaining 25 percent being unvaccinated.


How could this be? The dickheads promised nirvana-like protection from the mighty and mysterious cornholio when they introduced their vials of antifreeze a few months back, way before they dreamed up their variants bullshit. 

49 People Who Were Fully Vaccinated Have Died of Covid in New Jersey – via

Oh, dear! This is getting out of hand.

It couldn’t get any worse…yeah?

PHE Data Shows Vaccine Effectiveness Reduced to Just 17% in Over-50’s – via

The data from the two most recent technical briefings (No. 18, published July 9th, and No. 19, published July 23rd) from Public Health England shows that vaccine effectiveness against infection in the over-50s has plummeted to just 17% in the month between June 21st and July 19th, which corresponds to the main Delta surge.

The data is derived by subtracting the figures in table 5 in briefing 18 (up to June 21st) from those in briefing 19 (up to July 19th) to give just the data for the intervening period.

Briefing 18 gives 9,885 ‘cases’ of the Delta variant in those over 50 who have received at least one vaccine dose and 1,267 ‘cases’ in the unvaccinated over 50 up to June 21st. Briefing 19 gives 18,873 ‘cases’ in the vaccinated and 2,337 in the unvaccinated for the period up to July 19th. Subtracting the earlier from the later gives 8,988 ‘cases’ in the vaccinated and 1,070 in the unvaccinated for the month from June 21st to July 19th. (read more)

Utter blasphemy!

How many circles of Hell did Dante’s Inferno envision?  Nine. 

But that was back in the year 1300, centuries before the rise of demon after demon to replace the demons before them, and the unwashed’s ability to discern evil for what it is.

Not to worry, comrades, for the Italian gerbil himself has stuck his head out of the underground hole he lives in (again) dictating new and choice nuggets of fuckery for the willful ignorants to follow:

Fauci Says New Mask Guidelines For Vaccinated Americans Under ‘Active Consideration’ Amid Delta Outbreak – via

Remember when the US government and top health officials told Americans to get vaccines so life can return to normal? 

Think again. On Sunday, NIAID director Anthony Fauci admitted to CNN’s “State of the Union” that health officials may revise mask guidelines for those who are vaccinated, telling host Jake Tapper that bringing back mask mandates for vaccinated folks is “under active consideration.” 


“I am suspicious of all the things that the average people believes.”
― H.L. Mencken


Tonight’s musical offering:

Nat King Cole – ‘The Very Thought of You’


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