Loud, and even quiet Lamentations Can Be Heard


The gods of dismay, heartbreak, misery and shitfuckery are most pleased.

The unwashed, willful ignorants and lolcows have swallowed such a pile of government and media horseshit, that hope they’ll ever come out of their coma of derangement, is out of reach.

Loud, and even quiet lamentations can be heard in the heavens from the masses, suffering alone and abandoned from believing in government dickheads’ bullshit:

Tens of Thousands of Covid-19 “Vaccine” Injured in the U.S., Begging for Help as the Medical Community Turns Their Back on Them – via healthimpactnews.com  (short video embbed in the article)

Over 6 months into the mass vaccination campaign with the experimental, non-FDA approved COVID-19 shots, where about half of the U.S. population now has received at least one of these injections, tens of thousands of victims are beginning to speak out, regretting their choices, and begging for help.

The medical community by and large has turned their backs on them, which is really what they have done for the past 40+ years with ALL vaccine injured people, most of whom have been children prior to the COVID-19 shots.

So while those speaking out in the past have been primarily parents of vaccine-damaged children that the corporate media and medical system have summarily dismissed as “crazy,” now those speaking out are primarily adults who have had their lives ruined by these injections. Pro-vaccine adults, obviously, since they chose to receive one of these shots, that many dissenting medical doctors and scientists are now calling “bioweapon” shots.

And more ‘good news’:

corona outbreak among schoolchildren after a party in Tel Aviv worries the health authorities in Israel . As the TV broadcaster Channel 12 reports, at least 83 young people caught the virus at the celebration – all of them with the same classmate. The main worrying thing about the case is the chain of infection that led to the outbreak.

According to the Times of Israel, the young man who distributed the virus at the party was vaccinated. He, in turn, had become infected from a relative who had also been vaccinated and that relative had become infected from a person who was also vaccinated and who was recently in London. It is unclear which variant of the coronavirus it is. Most recently, the delta variant accelerated the infection process in Israel. – via morgenpost.de

6 fully vaccinated people have died from Covid-19 in one of the world’s most-vaccinated countries – via fortune.com

Remember from just a scant 15 months or so ago, these demons were saying, ‘if we can save just one life’, from their lockdowns, it will be worth it.

What is it like to believe in the jive of demons?  You have a front row seat.

Folks…strap yourselves in. Believe in what you might believe from the corporate shysters. But if you can’t see that these government fuckers are out for your lives….YOUR lives, and the lives of those whom you love…Jesus, Mary and holy St. Joseph!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Rachmaninov – Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini – (final moments)


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