If we don’t care of Our Two-Legged Brethren, Why Would We Care of Our Four-Legged Brethren – The Months of Their Bullshit


Hey mom…come quick, look! Assclowns are destroying all the good they possibly can.

Some UK leaders now want to vaccinate all cats and dogs – via notthebee.com


I’m starting to think this isn’t about a virus.

Cats and dogs ‘should get Covid jabs after all humans to stop variants spread’

EXCLUSIVE: Labour is calling on Ministers to look at giving the coronavirus vaccine to animals once the human population has been dealt with


‘Once the human population has been dealt with’.  Maybe let that one sink in for a few seconds as you look away from your hand-held radiation device.

Sadly, as the programming from the propagandists is now so deeply imbedded in the hearts and souls of those we love, those whom are family, those whom are friends – they just might dive into this well of shit and believe.

For if they could give a fart about the effects of the injections of chemical goo upon themselves, their brethren, why would they care about our four-legged friends?

But go on now…get the jab, yeah?

It’s working out so well…

4,115 Fully Vaccinated Have Been Hospitalized or Died With Breakthrough Covid Infections, CDC says – via childrenshealthdefense.org

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 3,907 hospitalizations and 750 deaths in people fully vaccinated against COVID with an FDA-authorized vaccine as of June 21.

More than 4,100 people have been hospitalized or died with COVID in the U.S. despite having been fully vaccinated, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

As of June 21, nearly half (49%) of cases occurred in females and 76% were aged 65 years and older. There were a total of 3,907 hospitalizations and 750 deaths among those who had breakthrough infections, although not all of the hospitalizations may have been due primarily to COVID, Forbes reported (read more)

Is there an explanation to folks believing in shitfuckery?  Yes, there is.

“You Fucked Up – You Trusted Us’

Heart inflammation after Covid-19 shots higher-than-expected in study of U.S. military – via news.trust.org (Reuters)

June 29 (Reuters) – Members of the U.S. military who were vaccinated against COVID-19 showed higher-than-expected rates of heart inflammation, although the condition was still extremely rare, according to a study released on Tuesday.

The study found that 23 previously healthy males with an average age of 25 complained of chest pain within four days of receiving a COVID-19 shot. The incident rate was higher than some previous estimates would have anticipated, it said.

Can you feel the apathy among the unwashed?

And just another tidbit to show you the plandemic/scamdemic is maybe the greatest hoax, scam and scheme of all time, brought to us by government and corporate psychofuck’s:

UK MP Says “Important People” Shouldn’t Need to Quarantine Under Covid Rules – via zerohedge.com

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A Conservative MP inadvertently provided an insight into the hypocrisy of lockdown when he said that “people who are important” shouldn’t have to follow the same COVID-19 quarantine rules as the rest of the population. (read more)

Tragically, the braindead haven’t a clue of this, and if presented with it, would dive back into their bag of corn chips, washed down by cola, and fart their way into the next day.

“The story so far: In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” ― Douglas Adams


Tonight’s musical offering:

Boz Scaggs – ‘Loan Me A Dime’



  1. “I’m starting to think this isn’t about a virus.”
    Humans, then dogs and cats – what after that? Elephants? Aardvarks?
    And what about the trees? WON’T ANYBODY THINK OF THE TREES??????

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