It’s Always The Innocents Who Suffer Most From The Psychopath’s Offerings – The Bullshit of Their Scamdemic

With glossy and well-oiled mainstream media news shows designed to kill brain cells, the unwashed continue to stare at their TV or hand-held radiation devices for ‘news’ or ‘truth’, only to be left with one eye spinning clockwise, the other counter clockwise and drool creeping out from their lower lip from watching their outhouse offerings.

It’s a full plate of shitfuckery, which unsurprisingly, is what the unwashed continue to lap up.

With the intake of jabs of chemical goo among adults down by nearly half in the last month, the government and corporate media psychofuck’s and demonically possessed are abandoning their circus acts of bribery, and are, as all demons do, coming after the innocents with their medical injections of experimental bat guano.

Leave Our Kids Alone – by Suzie Halewood – via

Softening the electorate up to the prospect of inoculating all children over the age of 12, Secretary of State Control Matt Hancock says he has been ‘closely following the results from the clinical studies from Pfizer showing that the vaccine is safe and effective among children between the ages of 12 and 18’.

While, in the US, Joe Biden appealed to schoolchildren directly to reassure them that the ‘safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine’ which has gone through a ‘rigorous’ and ‘thorough’ review, will prevent them from spreading COVID-19 ‘to their friends, to their siblings, to their parents and to the grandparents’ and encouraging parents to make sure their kids get the shot.

Does a degree in PPE qualify Matt Hancock to indefatigably state the rewards of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine outweigh the risks for children?

Does a Political Science and History degree qualify Biden to state irrefutably that experimental COVID vaccines with no long-term safety data are safe? Could he name a single vaccine ingredient – even with the aid of an auto-cue? Has he even read the FDA report?

This shitposting writer can’t add anything more to this brilliant and informative piece by Suzie Halewood, other than offering the link to read the full article, that can be read here.

Or ignore the above and following, and wait for further updates and ‘instructions’ from government pencil necks and butter sticks to tell you of the freedoms they’re giving back to you…of those they took away from you for the past 14 months, with their updated insanity of what you must follow.

There are two simple words for these arseholes – fuck off!

Latest CDC Data Show Reports Adverse Events After Covid Vaccines Surpass 200,000 Including 943 Among 12-to17-Year-Olds – via

“Darkness there, and nothing more.”
― Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven


Tonight’s musical offering:

(On a personal note that means nothing to anyone other than family and closest friends – my younger brother, who passed away last September at the age of 57 – today would have been his 58th birthday. And so, tonight’s musical offering is of his favorite classical pieces of music, with his favorite version – Godspeed you, Sammy!)

Tchaikovsky  – 1812 overture


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