Sunday Baroque

“They are not demons, not devils…
Worse than that.
They are people.”
― Andrzej Sapkowski, Wieża Jaskółki

And tragically, we continue to listen to the people


Bach: Concerto for 4 pianos BWV 1065 III. Allegro (D. Fray, J. Rouvier, E. Christien, A. Vigoureux)


  1. Love your combo of classical music & opposition research (or whatever we call ourselves, the dissenters)! And my best to your Dogger, Henry, who looks like an excellent editor-in-chief (and I’m a cat person! but widow of a Lab man)!


    1. Thank you for your kind words….very much appreciated. And Henry sends his best to you and your lovable pets. Best to you and yours! Cheers!


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