The Wokes’ Yellow Arm Bands – The Months of Their Scamdmic

In the coming months, where you might find your arse completely alone, ostracized by all, considered vermin, unable to leave your crib, and maybe even hauled away to some camp for those who don’t believe in the cornholio cult, thank friends and loved ones who listened to the tripe of supreme dickheads, advocating shyte like this:

CNN Host Says People Who Don’t Take the Vaccine Should Be Socially Ostracized By Friends & Family – via

During a segment on his show, Smerconish discussed a suggestion made by prosecutor Michael Stern in a USA Today opinion piece about vaccination uptake.

“We’ve gotta shun folks, we’ve gotta shun people into getting vaccinated,” said Smerconish, agreeing that businesses should make getting the vaccine mandatory as a condition of employment.

However, he also asserted that family members and friends should socially ostracize those who choose not to take the vaccine.

There are those who are actively scanning the shores of Gehenna for their plot once their time on this planet of offering nothing other than shitfuckery is over, and then there are those who choose health, life and happiness outside the vials of battery acid offered as the only means to health in the brilliantly woke year of 2021. Given the demons in charge of this circus, what are the chances that once you finally convince your friends and family that you won’t be taking the needle of goo, that you won’t be quietly reported to the ‘authorities’?

But for those who embrace the wonder of the jabs of health and total consciousness, there is this to cause just a bit of indigestion:

EU Regulators Call on Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca for More Data on Heart Inflammation, Guillian-Barre Syndrome – via

The European Medicines Agency also wants Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson to update warnings and lists of side effects relating to face swelling (Pfizer) and blood clots (J&J).

EU regulators Friday called on Pfizer and Moderna to provide additional data related to the companies’ COVID vaccines and a potential link to heart inflammation, after the agency completed a safety review of all four COVID vaccines authorized for emergency use in the EU.

The European Medicines Agency’s safety committee, (PRAC), also asked AstraZeneca for data related to reports of Guillain–Barré syndrome in people who received the AstraZeneca vaccine, and they recommended Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) update their labels with side effect warnings.

In a report issued May 7, PRAC disclosed its members were aware of cases of myocarditis and pericarditis following Pfizer vaccination. Regulators said they didn’t see an indication the vaccine caused these cases, but as a prevention, PRAC requested Pfizer provide further data, including an analysis of events according to age and gender in its next pandemic summary safety report and will consider if any other regulatory action is needed.

Because Moderna and Pfizer use the same mRNA technology for their vaccines, the committee asked Moderna to monitor for similar cases of heart inflammation.

Myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and death. Pericarditis is inflammation of the membrane around the heart. (read more)

Oh dear! Myocarditis…Pericarditis…no big deal, yeah?

And with a shake of the head, the cultists of the cornholio might hear of the real shit from these needles of health, but then double down with their belief in nothing other than what corporate and government dickheads tell them, and if it means the ‘hesitant’ and unbelieving asses of your friends and family are banished, so be it. Tis so much more preferable to live among the braindead, with ‘rewards’ such as this bat guano:

Pfizer CEO: People may need to take third coronavirus vaccines shot as “booster dose”… a convenient strategy for an endless revenue stream – via

One, two, three or twenty three doses of their poisons…to be determined.

(Natural News) Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said people who have been fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) would most likely need to take a third shot of the company’s vaccine as a “booster dose” within 12 months of their last shot.

Bourla’s comments were made public on Thursday, April 15, but were recorded on April 1 during an event with mainstream news outlet CNBC and private healthcare conglomerate CVS Health.

During this event, he said that he expects people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus on an annual basis, similar to how people get seasonal flu shots. (Related: PLAGUE PROFITS: Pfizer executive admits the company wants to profit off vaccines and will soon raise prices.)

“A likely scenario is that there will be likely a need for a third dose, somewhere between six and 12 months and then from there, there will be an annual revaccination, but all of that needs to be confirmed,” said Bourla. “And again, the variants will play a key role. It is extremely important to suppress the pool of people that can be susceptible to the virus,” he added.

and Jesus wept…


“Since vaccines are liability-free – and effectively compulsory to a captive market of 76 million children – there is meager market incentive for companies to make them safe. The public must rely on the moral scruples of Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, and Pfizer. But these companies have a long history of operating recklessly and dishonestly, even with (the many drug) products for which they can be sued for injuries.

The four companies that make virtually all of the recommended vaccines are all convicted felons.  Collectively they have paid over $35 billion since 2009 for defrauding regulators, lying to and bribing government officials and physicians, falsifying science, and leaving a trail of (incurable chronic illnesses) injuries and deaths from products they knew to be dangerous and still sold under pretense of safety and efficacy.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – via


Tonight’s musical offering:

Ana Vidović – Live from St. Mark’s

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