Pssst!  Hey…come over here.

I have a scam for you.

Federal Government Offering Bribes to Medical Doctors to Give More Experimental Covid Injections – Offering Double Payment for Covid shots – via

A Texas medical doctor has alerted Health Impact News that the federal government, through its Medicare/Medicaid program, is now offering Texas doctors DOUBLE the normal reimbursement per vaccine for every experimental COVID shot they give to their patients.

The shots are “free” to the patients.


The pharmaceutical vaccine industry is the most lucrative business in the history of the world. They have legal immunity if their vaccines cause any harm, they are given $BILLIONS to develop the vaccine by the U.S. Government, then the U.S. Government buys the vaccines from the pharmaceutical industry so that recipients usually do not have to pay for them, and then the Government pays doctors and others to administer the vaccines.

If they want to increase their market and distribute more vaccines, they just make them mandatory for services such as public education.

And if they get their way and implement a new COVID Vaccine Passport, they will be mandated for many other activities in society, such as air travel, entrance to places of business, etc.

How many ways to Sunday can we be fucked by these shysters?  What a stupid question from this shitposting writer.

But don’t worry boys and girls, for the miracle needle of battery acid will make its’ way into the arms of as many of the unwashed as possible.  And if bribes and other shenanigans are needed to boost the swelling bank accounts of Big Pharma, well, that’s just what it takes.  For goddammit, it’s a pandemic! Dead bodies are littering the streets. The unwashed are clamoring for a cocktail of ant shit that will just, maybe, sort of, possibly reduce symptoms if they contract the mighty cornholio.

And yet, even adverse reactions from their chemical shitfuckery won’t deter the braindead from playing Russian Roulette with their health:

Mass vaccination site closes early after adverse reactions at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park – via

DENVER, Colorado — People with vaccine appointments were turned away from the mass vaccination site at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park after some recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine onsite had an adverse reaction, according to a spokesperson for Centura Health.

Of the more than 1,700 people who received vaccinations at the site Wednesday, Centura Health said 0.8% – or about 13 people – had an adverse reaction.

Sucks to be one of the thirteen…yeah?

The rest…well, who knows what lovely adverse reactions they’ll be experiencing in the days, weeks, months or years ahead from taking an experimental vial of battery acid. For no long-term studies have been done on a ‘vaccine’ produced in less than year. Duh! But the braindead don’t think of the ‘duh’.

We buy a car…we check the bejesus out of it before purchasing it. We buy a home, inspectors come out to ensure it isn’t a house of horrors.  An injection of a cocktail of shyte into our arms – hey…no problem, let’s line up for it with no questions asked.

And really!  We’re injecting people with an experimental shot of pharmaceutical fuckery…at a mass vaccination site with the name of”Dicks Sporting Goods Park”?

Jesus, Mary and Holy St. Joseph!

If only we might all adopt our inner child when asked to follow this motherfuckers:

“Office Space” – I don’t like my job and I don’t think I’m gonna go anymore



  1. lies…lies and more lies….i am sure….they don’t close a vaccine distribution event for 13 people….unless of course the reaction is ‘death’. which is in fact, one of the known side effects…a rather permanent one if you ask me…1700 people will have reactions. everyone who gets the vaccine is a dead person walking…They gave up their lives to the masters, to the people worship as Gods! The fauci, the gates from hell, the feds and their state rulers…people gave up their very existence to those creatures from hell!

    This jab has all the hallmarks of the mark of the beast…Won’t be able to buy or sell without it. what are they putting inside people? no one knows! no one cares! They are willing to obey in blind obedience the very ‘beast’ from hell if that is what it takes to be able to go to a golf game….Which doesn’t change a thing …still wear a face diaper, self suffocation is required as is staying away from each other. Don’t want people to ‘talk to each other’ again would we? but then you can’t hear a person who wears a wet moldy muffler on their face! People would take the jab even if the anti christ himself rose up and said….” hi! I am here!! and all you have to do to be my subjects is take a jab! ” people would do it willingly just like they are now…no one would believe the beast they believe only the faust and his deals!

    nothing we do or say will change the minds of those willing to do what they are told…even to taking a life threatening poison in the veins. Shooting up like a junky! except this soup kills and maims quicker and it doesn’t leave the system after so much time. This covid soup stays in the cells of the body, in the muscles, the bones and the brain. it rewrites every cell in the body. it shuts off the natural immune system and gives the host a new one! A synthetic one. Genetic alteration that cannot be removed. It is a one way street! no going back! the damage done is irreversible.

    The jab was suppose to allow people to go back to a normal that no longer exists and yet, nothing changed after except the number of dead and dying increased and the number of people who are maimed for life is a new way of life. people willing to do that to themselves are blinded to the truth. They are deceived and refuse to see what is right before their eyes…that blind belief quite literally will cost them everything they are, everything they have built in their lives. it requires them to lay down their life in tribute to the government and the operation that is Covid. Pretty sick watching it take place.

    Thank you for your brilliant take on things Decker and for being a light of truth in a dark world!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Highlander! And thank you for your spot on take on all this insanity. Your thoughts and comments are always most welcomed here. Cheers!


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