Fiefdoms of Bullshit – the Pathetic We Listen to

The modern day fiefdoms run by overlords who are skilled at jack shit, educated in buffoonery, and deeply at one with their inner lunacy are now running the asylum.

We have the corporate fiefdoms, some large, who can get away with shit like this:

In apology, Amazon admits some drivers have to ‘pee in bottles‘ – via

Yes, boys and girls, it’s every jobless individual’s dream to pony up with a corporation with such a stellar work environment.

E-commerce giant Amazon has apologized to a US lawmaker after falsely denying that some of its drivers are forced at times to urinate in plastic bottles.

The workers’ testimony underlined the complaints of many Amazon employees — both in its processing facilities and among its drivers — about what they say is a relentless work pace.

“We owe an apology to Representative Pocan,” Amazon said in a statement late Friday.

“The tweet was incorrect. It did not contemplate our large driver population and instead wrongly focused only on our fulfillment centers,” each of which, it said, had dozens of restrooms that employees could use “at any time.” (read the full article here)

Oh, okay! An apology of how Amazon fucks their employees suffices…yeah? And then we can all get back to doing business as usual.

Jesus, Mary and holy St. Joseph!

That’s the giant fiefdom…and now the local fiefdom-  run by the same type of deranged motherfuckers who come up with shit like this:

Students at Florida High School Warned They Will Be “Re-educated” if Caught Not Wearing a Mask – via

Wait!  This is happening in a State here in the U.S. where ‘mask mandates’ were never issued to begin with…and now there are mini tyrants opening their anal cavities and shitting upon the unwashed?

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Students at Clearwater High School in Florida have been warned that they will be “re-educated” on the importance of wearing a mask if they are seen on school premises not wearing a face covering.

An advisory posted on the school’s website regarding face mask policy tells students, teachers, staff and any visitors that masks are mandatory on all school property as well as on school buses.

The section on “noncompliance” then spells out the punishment for anyone caught flouting the rules.

“The wearing of a face covering is a public health issue. Students who do not wear a mask when it is required (or refuse to do so), should first be reeducated on the importance of wearing a mask,” states the advisory.

“If after reeducation occurs, they still do not comply, the student’s administrator should be contacted,” it adds, outlining that parents will also be contacted and the student will be forced to switch to online learning if non-compliance continues.

Pure dickheadery!

Remember the most vile, the most hideous, the creepiest of shitheads you attended high school with? Guess what…they’re now running everything, and even more incredulous…we’re listening to them.

If sunny Jesus rises tomorrow, He surely won’t be able to stop vomiting from witnessing what the spineless, the ignorant, the meek, the shallow have allowed to become the ‘new normal’.

We now attach our dreams of health and longevity to vials of chemical battery acid injected into our arms to ward off…a virus.  We bend the knee with our devotion toward masks of oxygen depravation to supplant the oversight of the creator not attaching health shitfuckery upon our faces from birth. We’re down with looking upon our fellow human travelers as nothing more than a festering disease. And yet…we wonder – where and how did it all go wrong?

Easy answer…look into the mirror.

Their insanity is flooding our senses.

And it’s all good…right?

CDC: 2,509 Deaths Following Experimental Covid-19 “Vaccines” Now Equal to Total Deaths Recorded After Vaccines for the Past Decade – via

Yes…it’s all good.

Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Texas Flood” 

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