Discounted Donuts and Your Health – YOu’re so Cool, They’re not

The shitshow vaudeville act of life on a planet run by deranged psychopath’s must go on, and to promote the current insanity driving nearly everyone to orgasm daily over the pressing question of ‘when will you be getting the vial of battery acid’, corporate tricksters are ramping up their efforts to entice you to get their point, that health in the modern era, comes from a needle.

Americans now eligible for free marijuana, cheesecake, fries with coronavirus vaccine card – via

The increase in corporate incentive programs comes as Americans are getting injected at a rate of 2.62 million per day, according to a tweet from White House Covid-19 Data Director, Cyrus Shahpar.

It’s full-on vaudeville now, right?

Thanks for the tweet, Cyrus. I’m sure that 2.62 million figure is lockdown solid…yeah?

March 30, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Free glazed donuts aren’t the only incentives now offered to Americans to encourage them to receive coronavirus vaccines.

In a push to encourage people to receive experimental coronavirus shots, a diverse range of companies are offering free products to customers who provide proof of having gotten a coronavirus vaccine from Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson. Incentives include marijuana, cheesecake, and arcade tokens, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

Krispy Kreme made headlines last week with the announcement that it would offer free daily Original Glazed donuts to vaccinated patrons through 2021. The donut chain was criticized for the move, with skeptics pointing out the correlation between obesity and increased severity of COVID-19 symptoms.

According to the CDC, obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19.

What the hell is life to become if we can’t get discounts on donuts, cheesecake, weed and arcade tokens?

Ah, but the current mindset of the lolcow’s and willful ignorants is: fuck my health – where in the hell can I get the jab of battery acid, and will coupons be given at injection time for discounted donuts?

But for many of the unwashed, they don’t want donuts, cheesecake or weed – they just want to be allowed to attend jackshit sporting events and forgettable music concerts. 

Problem initiated by government dickheads – problem solved by government dickheads:

The beginning of vaccine passports

On Friday New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the launch of Excelsior Pass, a boarding-pass style app enabling New Yorkers to prove vaccination status to gain entry to businesses and social venues.

While the pass is officially opt-in, the New York governor’s webpage makes clear that Excelsior is meant to become part of daily life.

According to the government webpage, “Major venues have already announced they will begin utilizing this technology in the coming weeks, including Madison Square Garden in New York City beginning next week and the Times Union Center in Albany. Beginning April 2, Excelsior Pass will expand to smaller arts, entertainment and event venues.”

New York’s plan may become a reality for Americans across the country. The Washington Post reported Sunday that the Biden administration is working with private companies to come up with a “standard” method of implementing “credentials,” (i.e vaccine passports), to enable Americans to prove their vaccination status in order to re-enter society.

Sadly, we know it’s fuckery …choice fuckery from these demons, and yet we give way to it.

Reality is here…

Canada Suspends AstraZeneca Covid Shot – 2,530 Injuries and 24 DEAD Following Most Pfizer and Moderna Shots – via

4,576 DEAD, 199,213 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for Covid-19 ‘Vaccines’ – via

4,576 DEAD…and Jesus wept.

It was 15 days of lockdown a year ago.  Then it was their bullshit of flattening the curve. The curve was flattened and then it was the vials of battery acid that would free the slaves.

And now…well just read the above, and you get the picture of what these motherfuckers have in store for us 

If you think you’ll escape this oncoming juggernaut of insanity from these psychopath’s…maybe think again. 

At some point real soon, it will come down to choices – Are you with these fuckers’ degenerate outhouse of stench, or will you tell these motherfuckers to fuck off; and you and your crib will etch out a life, as best as you can, devoid of these arseholes’ madness?


‘You’re So Cool’ – from the movie, ‘True Romance’

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash



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