An Outfit of the Criminally Insane

Most Americans, those who still have a job despite the goverments’ on-going scamdemic, have kick-ass careers, at home, on Zoom, or at fast food joints working drive-thru windows where they’ll hand you a mask so that you’re approved to take their GMO offerings, ensuring you’ll be screwed both ways…by oxygen depravation or ‘food’ that will block and poison internal passageways for years to come.

And for those not so fortunate, there are other avenues that present ways for the mind to be numbed to the point where they contemplate buying lakeshore condominiums on Gehenna’s shores to ensure they have an eternal home next to the criminals, murderer’s and other assorted demons who made their life on Earth such a ‘pleasure’.

Russia Recalls Ambassador After Joe Biden Threatens Vladimir Putin and Calls Him a “Killer with No Soul” – via

Oh dear!

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday recalled his country’s ambassador to the United States shortly after Joe Biden threatened Putin and called him a ‘killer with no soul.’

Biden threatened Putin and said, “He will pay a price” during a softball interview with liberal operative George Stephanopoulos.

“Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov has been summoned to Moscow for consultations in order to analyze what needs to be done in the context of relations with the United States,” read the foreign ministry’s statement. (read more)

Dear ol’ creepy Joe apparently can’t recall history from a couple of hours ago when he spooned up his vanilla pudding before being tucked into bed, let alone a few decades ago. Maybe he should, before spouting off his dementia-riddled bullshit.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts ( provides a history lesson and perspective…and a warning, that sadly, few will heed: (read full article here)

Washington Has Resurrected the Specter of Nuclear Armageddon

Putin came to power as the American neoconservatives were girding up to establish US and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. As General Wesley Clark told us, seven countries were to be overthrown in 5 years. The American preoccupation with the Middle East permitted Putin to throw off American overlordship and reestablish Russian sovereignty.Once Washington realized this, the American establishment turned on Putin with a vengence. 

Stephen Cohen, Jack Matlock (Reagan’s ambassador to the Soviet Union), myself and a few others warned that Washington’s refusal to accept Russian independence would reignite the Cold War, thus erasing the accomplishment of ending it and resurrecting the specter of nuclear war. But Washington didn’t listen.Instead, Cohen and I were put on a list of “Russian agents/dupes,” and the process of trying to destabalize Putin began.In other words, once an American colony always an American colony, and Putin became the most demonized person on earth.

Today (March 17) we had the extraordinary spectacle of President Biden saying on ABC News that President Putin is a killer, and “he will pay a price.”This is a new low point in diplomacy.It does not serve American interests or peace. 

Yesterday a CIA-Homeland Security report was declassified. The “report” is blatant propaganda. It alleges that Russia interfered in the 2020 election with the purposes of “denigrating President Biden’s candidacy and the Democratic Party, supporting former President Trump, undermining public confidence in the electoral process, and exacerbating sociopolitical divisions in the US.” “Russiagate” is still with us despite the failure of the three-year Mueller investigation to find a scrap of evidence.

We desperately need a new Team B like the one the CIA commissioned in 1976 to check on itself.But in those days discussion and debate was possible.Today they are not.We live in a world in which only propaganda is permitted.There is an agenda. The agenda is regime change in Russia.No facts are relevant.There will be no Team B to evaluate whether the Putin threat is exaggerated.

The anti-Russian craze that has been orchestrated in the US and throughout the Western world leaves the US in an extremely dangerous situation.Americans and Europeans perceive reality only through the light of American propaganda.American diplomacy, military policy, news reporting, and public undersranding are the fantasy creations of propaganda.

The Kremlin has shown amazing forbearance of Washington’s inanities and insults.It was the Democrat Hillary Clinton who called President Putin the “new Hitler,”and now Democrat Biden calls Putin “a killer.”American presidents and presidential candidates did not speak of Soviet leaders in these terms. They would have been regarded by the American population as far too deranged to have access to the nuclear button.

Sooner or later the Kremlin will understand that it is pointless to respond to demonization with denials.Yes, the Russians are correct. The accusations are groundless, and no facts or evidence is ever provided in support of the accusations.Sooner or later the Kremlin will realize that the purpose of demonizing a country is to prepare one’s people and allies for war against it.

Washington pays no attention to Maria Zakharova and Dmitry Peskov’s objections to unsubstaniated accusations.

When “sooner or later” is, I do not know, but the Russians haven’t reached that point.The Kremlin reads the latest allegations as an excuse for more sanctions against Russian companies and individuals. This reading is mistaken.Washington’s purpose is to demonize Russia and its leadership in order to set Russia up for regime change and, failing that, for military attack.

In the United States Russian Studies has degenerated into propaganda.

Recently, two members of the Atlantic Council think tank, Emma Ashford and Matthew Burrows, suggested that American foreign policy could benefit from a less hostile approach to Russia. Instantly, 22 members of the think tank denounced the article by Ashford and Burrows.

This response is far outside the boundaries of the 20th century Cold War. It precludes any rational or intelligent approach to American foreign policy. Sooner or later the Kremlin will comprehend that it is confronted by a gangster outfit of the criminally insane.

Then what happens?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 2 (final moments) -The Izmir State Symphony Orchestra, conductor Gints Glinka

Never heard of the orchestra or conductor…but to this shitposting writer’s ears, though the recording is a bit old, and the HD lacking, the performance and spirit of the music is one of the best I’ve heard…no matter how much youtube censors off the best performances, or bullshit copyright infringements from years ago prevent one from hearing some of the greatest performances of all time – This is still one of the best  (Headphones on and volume up for maximum sensory enjoyment)








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