We Weep, but Do nothing – The year of the Scamdemic

In typical tank fashion, as the unwashed continue to listen to brain-cell killing psychopath’s, the gods of destruction, mayhem and complete annihilation of the human soul exchange handshakes and hearty slaps on the backs, roll over on their beds, and fart – content in knowing that the human soul can be so easily bought and dusted.

Behold the shyte the masses believe:

(Natural News) Health authorities in the United Kingdom found no influenza cases two months into 2021. Laboratory analysis confirmed only one case in the last week of December, leading to allegations that possible flu cases may have been lumped into COVID-19 case counts. But health officials in the U.K. denied this was a cause for concern, as it only proved that measures to curb COVID-19 also drove down influenza transmission. (read more)

Holy mother of Jesus – look at the accepted guano of the day. It’s the number one rated item on the menu each day, and the brain-dead embrace it.

Screw the flu virus.  What butter stick of an illness was it, anyway? It may have greased over 600k lives in years before the mighty cornholio made its’ magnificent entrance on the center stage of this vaudeville act, tossing aside its’ cousin, in favor of a brand new virus to fuck up the world, and now that the flu has disappeared, the dreaded and deadly cornholio takes its’ place.

On some misty and gray day, when you might find a spot of time for yourself, unencumbered by distractions from well-meaning but offensive hovering human specimens, maybe remember when you weren’t being jived by these government and corporate shysters.  Remember simpler times past, no matter your age, when you weren’t being scammed by con-artists. Remember what God, Mother Earth or the Committee of Dolphins who gave us this magnificence, intended for us all…the beautifully simple, natural, pure and everlasting – that isn’t the end of a needle, a vial of battery acid, a chemical shitfuckery of bullshit that promotes ill health, with promises to counter poison, if you just take more of their poisons.

It’s too simple, right? And it’s all in front of our faces.

But it’s always the simpler, the basic, the beauty of life…that shows us the way:

Texas school district has never required masks or distancing – and students are thriving: ‘It’s not that difficult if you really put the needs of the kids first‘ – via theblaze.com

A rural school district in Texas defied the experts and orders from its government masters when it came to face masks and social distancing in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of bowing to pressure, the district worked with parents to open schools in August without COVID restrictions or mandates — and by all accounts, the students are thriving.(read more)

“Plaudite, amici, comedia finita est.

(Applaud, my friends, the comedy is over.)

[Said on his deathbed]
― Ludwig van Beethoven


Tonight’s musical offering:

Concertgebouworkest – Symphony No. 7 – Beethoven (2nd movement)

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