Free Advice from Cement heads – The Year of Their Scamdemic

In tonight’s episode of ‘how cool is it to get free advice of how to live from strangers, family members and government cement heads’, a feeling of permanent acid reflux sets in, along with the penetrating understanding that more of your brain cells are being terminated by listening to the well-meaning but completely fucking ignorant.

The jab of battery acid was touted by lamestream media and government dickheads as the elixir that will allow life to return to ‘normal’.

Think again…

The CDC has issued new guidelines that grant – in the words of US mainstream media – “limited freedoms” to Americans who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, leading some to wonder when the Bill of Rights was abolished. – via

Short answer…a long time ago in a universe far, far away.

It’s also safe enough, the CDC said, to be around small groups of unvaccinated people in some situations, such as a single household with no one deemed to be at high risk of severe Covid-19 cases.

Fully vaccinated Americans can even refrain from quarantining themselves if they are exposed to an asymptomatic person who is found to have been infected with Covid-19. But masks and social distancing are still required, the CDC said, when visiting with unvaccinated people from multiple households or with individuals who are considered high-risk or live with someone who is high-risk.

That means continuing to wear a mask and social distancing in public, avoiding crowds and getting tested for Covid-19 if you feel sick. Travel continues to be discouraged. Even the modest “freedoms” that were granted apparently came begrudgingly, as the CDC said there is still some risk of infection with vaccinated people, but that may be outweighed by the benefits of “reducing social isolation.”

After months of being told by politicians that Covid-19 vaccines are a “light at the end of the tunnel” in enduring the pandemic, many Americans have grown frustrated by continuing restrictions even for those who get the jabs. (emphasis added)

And yet the unwashed continue to listen only to corporate shysters, who are, to a great extent, financed by big pharma, and like the bobbleheads they’ve become, parrot out the ignorance, bullshit and shitfuckery they have heard on the evening news of bullshit.

Suddenly, family members are now ‘experts’, insisting you take the jab so that THEIR lives can be returned to ‘normal’, where they could do all the things they did before…before government tyrants told them they couldn’t.

They could care less about the side effects of the jab of battery acid, because they haven’t a clue about it all. Their basic concern is that you, like them, take the jab, so that it might allow them to get back to their ‘normal lives.’

They are a lost cause…they cannot be reached.

Believing in the face diapers of oxygen depravation, believing in an injection of chemical fuckery to protect themselves from a virus that has a 99% recovery rate, this is their mindset.

Their minds are dead…their souls are dust.

“I do not know You God because I am in the way. Please help me to push myself aside.”
― Flannery O’Connor, A Prayer Journal


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart – Alla Turca – Arranged for Piano & Orchestra – Georgii Cherkin LIVE


  1. well said Decker….nothing this stupid is meant to live….natural selection would take them out. i came to the same conclusion. You can’t educate people that won’t be convinced out of their own stupidity. You have to wave good bye as they leave in the back of the morgue vehicle. Their last car ride in a plastic bag.

    In a way, I am glad this happened. I know who I can trust and who I can’t. I never knew that before. Not really. People hide who they REALLY ARE inside. People who have been friends for years suddenly became monsters in my mind. Their fear of the unseen and the unknown has driven them insane. We are no longer friends. They fear us and we won’t play the game they created that leads to hell.

    Even close family is no longer trustworthy. I now know who they are! Who they have always been but I never could see the inside and now I can! Who they are inside is showing very clearly on the outside. I can see who they are from a mile away. Never again will I trust them. Never again will they trust me.

    Friends and family, co-workers. Neighbors. All have taken their side. 99% on the side of the covid programming. 1% on the side of those who refuse to agree to it. How it will end? no one knows but i can guess and say it will make hell look like a picnic. Their goals for the human race is its extermination, worse….alteration! reprogrammed to be something else. They wish to turn the whole human race into corpses or gmo cyborg or something worse. Reavers perhaps.

    they used to call scientists ‘frankensteins’. and they are. every thing they have created. Everything they have done to the planet, its animals and people has been destructive or used as a weapon. Even electricity is dirty. puts off radiation that kills. The human race has followed dr. frankensteins to their own demise. Their belief in science trumps any belief they have in a higher power! Science is their God! or they wouldn’t be listen to them in such huge numbers!

    for me and mine….I am to misbehave as I have from the beginning and will do to the end!

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  2. Well may Tubularsock say, that when friends and family tell Tubularsock that Tubularsock won’t be able to meet in a group with them unless Tubularsock gets the vaccine Tubularsock’s response is simple: GOOD!

    Pretty much settles unwanted advice.

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