Soviet Union Fun – 2021 Style

The gods of mayhem and destruction must be shyting themselves, for inklings of truth are making their way into the mainstream press.

No…not here in the Disunited States, but across the pond, in the UK, where motorists are being asked to surrender their car for £3,000 To Beat Climate Change (and Jesus wept)

Hotel Boss: “Britain Has Turned Into The Soviet Union” – via

Writing in The Telegraph today, Sir Rocco Forte, the chairman of the Rocco Forte Hotel Group, compared lockdown Britain to The old Soviet Union and accused UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock of enjoying himself.

Forte travelled to Russia in the mid-eighties as the guest of a state controlled travel group. He writes:

I was allocated an interpreter who policed where I went, and it was made very clear that I would not be allowed to stray off the beaten track. Moscow was dead – no shops, restaurants or bars were open. The streets were largely empty and any people on them had a miserable expression on their faces.

Russians were subject to tight controls by the state. They were not allowed to leave the country, and had to take great care about who they consorted with and met. There was a Parliament but it had no power and justice was arbitrarily dispensed. It was a communist dictatorship.

Comparing what he witnessed back then to the current situation in the UK today Forte says:

We can only travel within our own country with special dispensation and are liable to be stopped by the police if we break the rules. We are not allowed to travel abroad. If we return from an overseas trip we can be compelled to stay in a Government-appointed hotel at our own expense and policed to ensure we stay in our rooms. 

There are 33 countries to which this applies at present, but these can arbitrarily be added to at any time based on criteria decided upon by the Health Secretary which we are not party to. 

We are told we will not be allowed to go on holiday in our own country this summer, let alone go abroad. All shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas and theatres are shut. We are not allowed to see our families or our friends. Parliament is toothless and we have Government by decree.

Of Health Secretary Matt Hancock Forte says:

We now have a chief commissar called Matt Hancock, who appears to be enjoying the importance he has accorded himself. He is busy laying down the law as no Minister of Health has ever done before him; he is even straying into the competences of other departments by dictating things such as sentencing policy.

Forte goes on to call for a new Public Health Act, to prevent future UK governments acting similarly. The act would compel ministers, in the event of a real public health emergency, to clearly demonstrate the benefits and the harms of any proposed restrictions on our liberties. It’s a brilliantly written and compelling article by Sir Rocco Forte in today’s Telegraph. He concludes it by saying:

Government propaganda justifying all of this has been worthy of a totalitarian state and has cowed the population into accepting interference with our basic liberties that would never have been tolerated in this country before….

It is time to end the creeping authoritarianism, return to normal democratic processes and have the Government held to account.

Amen to that.

The cornholio scam continues, and if you thought this hoax anything other than a means to get you to take the jab of battery acid in your arm supplied by Big Pharma; to play on the fears the government and mainstream media demons have concocted and stoke 24/7, to shutter your lives and get you to look upon another human, masking the bejesus out of themselves for a virus that has a 99% recovery rate, as someone to be immediately cast into Hell, well, cast your gaze upon the following:

Rich Business-Class Flyers Now Exempt From Wearing a Mask – via

Flying in first class comes with lots of perks, but Cathay Pacific Airways is upping the ante during the pandemic by exempting wealthy passengers from wearing masks in certain situations, according to Executive Traveller

The Hong Kong-based airliner created a waiver on wearing a mask for first class and business class travelers who are reclined in their seats. The new policy doesn’t apply for economy seating as they must keep their masks on at all times. 

Yep, it’s a pandemic.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Remember…humans gathering to produce glorious music, composed by geniuses from times past…this is just one of the gatherings that have been outlawed by these demons

Tchaikovsky – Symphony 2 Op 17 ‘Little Russian’ John Eliot Gardiner RCO – (Scherzo – 3rd movement – and glorious 4th movement, if you care to listen further)


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  1. i have seen some video’s of an orchestra trying to play wearing masks….i wouldn’t even try if i were them. screw that! i saw Adele doing a live show for some talk show and her band was masked! shame on her and anyone who forces their musicians to commit suicide in order to play their music. adele of course was not masked…just her band!

    i would never go to a concert today even if i could. the last live music i went to was going insane long before covid. no applauding outside of being told when to do so was allowed….we were nearly thrown out because we did cheer the band! how dare we do so outside of the ”allotted cheer time”….

    to say the world is enslaved is an understatement. not just the body is enslaved but the mind, the spirit is as well.

    i sometimes wish the world would hurry up and take their lethal injections they believe in so completely. get the hell out of the way so i can continue on. these people for the most part are so stupid they get what they deserve. culling. nothing this stupid is meant to live. natural selection would take them out. now they gates from hell and his LEGION of demons is doing it for them.

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