When the trite becomes significant…

When the bullshit overwhelms…

When you feel lost among the insane…

A wonderful piece of music…an inspiring quote –  the touch of one whom you love, the satisfying feeling of a drink in hand late at night, the image before your minds’ eye of one whom you love, or have loved; the joy of turning the page of a book you love, the thought of your children when they were young, the thought of your parents whether living or passed, the walk among city streets or forests of ages, alone; the cigarette late at night, the overwhelmingly satisfyingly meal created and cooked by scratch out of love – just for you; the lightning rod of a gem of a thought that you are loved beyond your imaginations by God, Mother Earth or whatever created this magnificence; the scent of your favorite fragrance that comes your way, unexpected; a brief and joyous remembrance of your first love, your first date, your first job, your first thought of the eternal, or just the sane thought that you are not a part of the insane, and when you value the look of your canine above the look from the human – when any or all of these visits you – cherish them, for it is what this life lost, is mostly about.

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” ― Soren Kierkegaard


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gershwin: Lullaby for String Orchestra

Leonard Slatkin conducts this touching, brief piece by George Gershwin.
And after you’ve listened to this gem…maybe think about the musicians playing such beauty, no longer employed – no longer able to perform. Think of the countless small businesses shut down by edicts and mandates from government dickheads. And then maybe then think about what their ‘push’ is to bring back a ‘normal’ that they have no intention of allowing…a vial of chemical fuckery.
And then, think of the children these government assholes are always asking us to think of:
AstraZenecca Recruiting 5 Year-Old Kids For Covid Vaccine Trial – via richieallen.co.uk
AstraZeneca is planning a childhood immunisation programme that it says, could protect people from Covid-19 for most of their lives. Yesterday the company announced it was recruiting kids as young as five for the trials. Children participating in the trial will get their first jab by the end of this month. Pfizer is planning a similar trial on a global scale.

AstraZeneca believes that by giving children a “series of jabs” in early life, they’d be giving them a lifetime of immunity from Covid. Professor Sarah Gilbert, an Oxford scientist who worked on the AstraZeneca vaccine said:

If they get infected it will just be a mild disease, it won’t be very serious, it will just be a sniffle. We’re all really waiting to see how things play out. We could be looking at giving young children immunity, and then boosting it towards the end of life.”

Children are basically immune from coronavirus. Most of them will never get it and those who do will have mild symptoms only. Kids DO NOT need a coronavirus vaccine. What’s going on? A Five-year old should not be compelled to participate in a vaccine trial. The child cannot give informed consent. Any parent who puts their child forward for the trial is guilty of neglect and I’d go further than that. It’s child abuse.

They’re already giving as many as 16 vaccines to children in this country, most of them totally unnecessary. Now they want to vaccinate them just in case they get Covid as an adult? It’s insane. Is there any opposition to this anywhere? The answer is no. The papers and the broadcasters just repeat this crap. None of them has the balls to challenge it. I despair.

Folks…please! How much longer will we listen to, and then obey these demons?

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