In a Tranch of believing the Propaganda – the Months of their Jive Bullshit

In tonight’s episode of, ‘what kind of crap did I impose upon humanity in my former life that finds me in this shithole’, the gods of degradation and annihilation of the human spirit readily provide the answer.

And unlike the complex ending of a Bach fugue, the ending of this buffoonery is easy to discern, if one can still allow whatever gray cells left in their brain to function as the Creators designed.

Gunpoint medicine: FEMA asks Pentagon to enforce coronavirus vaccination efforts, with soldiers being armed with needles: by:  via

(Natural News) The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has asked the Department of Defense (DoD) to help enforce Wuhan coronavirus vaccination efforts. The top Pentagon spokesman announced Jan. 24 that it had received a request from FEMA to assist in administering COVID-19 vaccine doses. FEMA’s request for backup came in line with President Joe Biden’s goal to administer 1.5 million coronavirus vaccine shots daily.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said Jan. 24 that the DoD has received the FEMA request. He added that the Pentagon is evaluating the request and what kind of support can be provided. “Given the significance of the request, it will be reviewed urgently but carefully,” Kirby remarked. He added that “DoD is committed to do as much as it possibly can to assist the whole-of-government effort against COVID-19,” a sentiment previously expressed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The Pentagon did not elaborate on what the military efforts would look like and how many troops could be deployed. But in a later press conference, Kirby said it will likely involve drafting both active and reserve National Guard troopers. The guardsmen will “help perform a variety of coronavirus-related tasks, including … getting more shots into people’s arms,” according to the spokesman. (read more)

This won’t end well.

Most of the unwashed are suffering from the trance of propaganda, believing that on some distant tomorrow when they awake, this lunacy will be gone.  It won’t, mostly because we, collectively, allow it to continue.

Jogger’s lung collapses after he ran for 2.5 miles while wearing a face mask

Ah, come on! Who gives a fuck. It’s only nutjob joggers whose lungs collapse from wearing the masks of oxygen depravation…right?

TSA Authorized to Fine Travelers Who Ignore Mask Requirement – via

The Transportation Security Administration announced their ability and intent to penalize airline passengers who refuse to wear masks while traveling.

The Transportation Security Administration announced plans to inhibit passengers who flout President Biden’s January 21 executive order on “Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel” in “airports, bus and rail stations, as well as while on passenger aircraft, public transportation, passenger railroads, and over-the-road buses operating on scheduled fixed-routes” in a Sunday press release.

But, you see, the demonic activity from these absolute fuckers, as hypnotic as it may be – there is a way out from their matrix of toxic sludge.
But one must wake, and understand that continuing to believe in these monsters brew, will only secure all the shit you hoped to avoid, and not just for you…but for your loved ones as well.
What Really Makes You Ill? with Authors Dawn Lester and David Parker – via amandhavollmer
Tonight’s musical offering:
For the thrill of the finale:
Rimskij-Korsakow: “Scheherazade” ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Julian Kuerti
And for the full glorious piece:
Rimskij-Korsakow: “Scheherazade” ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Julian Kuerti


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